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Released May 2018

This book is part of a new multi-author cozy mystery series with Annie’s Attic and is only available through subscription. Learn more about the series and their subscription service at: Annie’s Attic

About Digging Up Secrets:

Nothing is coming up roses for Kaylee Bleu. Not only are all of the plants in her flower shop going thirsty because of a busted well pump, but a competing florist of Orcas Island is stealing customers from The …


The Victorian Mansion Flower Shop series is about mysteries encountered by a former forensics botanist professor who takes over her her grandmother’s flower shop on Orcas Island in Washington State. 

In Weeds of Doubt, Summer is winding down and florist Kaylee Blue and the other residents of Orcas Island are planting fall flowers and preparing for another bustling autumn tourist season. But Kaylee has a full course load. Turtle Cove High School’s most beloved teacher has retired and is about to …


Florist Kaylee Bleu and her friends in the Petal Pushers garden club are branching out from their usual activities to host a spring break camp for schoolchildren on Washington’s Orcas Island. They’ve got an entire week of fun events planned—but the camp won’t get off the ground if they can’t get permission for their first field trip, a visit to the oldest tree on the island.

Kaylee eventually tracks down the estate’s new owner, U.S. Navy Admiral Robert Newton, but …


This is book #17 in the multi-author Amish Inn Mysteries series from Annie’s Attic, about a lawyer turned inn keeper and sleuth.

It is only available through mail or Ebook subscription at Or you might find it at a used bookstore. 

About The Hound and The Fury: 

A dog show has come to Pleasant Creek, and Liz Eckardt is hosting both two- and four-footed guests at the Olde Mansion Inn. Lucky for her; Liz’s old friend Amy is there …


Releases June 2018

I had so much fun writing this book set in a luxurious mansion (think Biltmore and the Breakers estates) on Cape Cod that hosts retreats for writers and book lovers. If you enjoy cozy mystery series, I highly recommend you subscribe to this intriguing multi-author series at

About On Pens and Needles: 

The spine-tingling scene is set at Castleton Manor in Lighthouse Bay, Massachusetts, when the grand mansion plays host to a retreat for …