Boughs of Folly

This Christmas Cozy Mystery

is part of a three-book set called Jingle Bell Mysteries

(with Klaus for Suspicion and Deck the Hearse)

After spending two decades of Christmas seasons in California, Jillian Green celebrates returning to her family’s antebellum mansion in Georgia by joyfully decking the halls for the upcoming Moss Hollow Merry Mansions Tour. However, Jillian’s holiday cheer takes a nosedive when she discovers her great aunt’s new friend Herbert dead at the base of a tree while he’s helping them string lights.

Although his death appears to be a tragic accident, her great aunt insistently blames foul play, and handsome local coroner Hunter Greyson confirms her suspicions. Needled into action by her aunt, Jillian quickly realizes this case is more tangled than a strand of twinkle lights, and lead after lead winds up in a dead end.

Stressed out by exploring limbs of the victim’s family tree, helping a Chocolate Shoppe Bakery customer track down his high school sweetheart, and worrying about her grandmother’s odd behavior, Jillian feels her holiday spirit slipping away. However, she knows the best way to restore her festive mood is to uncover the killer before someone else in Moss Hollow gets hurt—if she doesn’t, Herbert’s night might not be the only one silenced this Christmas.


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