Love’s A Mystery in Last Chance Iowa

This Love’s A Mystery 2-in-1 hardcover book features both a historical romantic mystery written by fellow Canadian Patricia Johns along with my contemporary romantic mystery. Both are set in Last Chance, Iowa, and have a family connection. 

In 1905…

When Anne York agrees to marry Ben Huntington, she understands that Ben’s heart will remain with his late wife. But she is grateful that God has provided her a child–his adorable little daughter. Ben knows his daughter needs a mother, and Anne’s parents need his help so he’s able to give the sweet, loving woman something in return. But when Ben’s workshop is set on fire the day of their wedding, the new couple must figure out who is working against them. While they intended their marriage as a practical solution, did God intend it as a match made in heaven? 


Bereft over the loss of the beloved hand-carved miniatures given to her by her father, Rachel Jones finds an unexpected ally in Curtis Shoemaker, the quiet colleague at her new job. When they discover an estranged branch of Rachel’s family tree, they find that they aren’t the only ones on the trail. Who is the other elusive collector who’ll stop at nothing to beat Rachel and Curtis to the prize? In unraveling the mysterious disappearance and exposing their adversary, they find something more precious than family heirlooms…a chance at forever. 


Note: This 2-in-1 set is book #11 in Guideposts’ ongoing Love’s a Mystery series. Click here to order directly from Guideposts once its available. Or subscribe now to the entire series and save 10%. 

about Love’s a Mystery series from Guideposts:

Escape into a timeless world of tender romance, puzzling mysteries and secrets, and of course happy endings with Guideposts’ exclusive Love’s a Mystery series. Each book contains two special stories–one past, one present–set in the same real town with a thought-provoking name. Enjoy the extra fun of discovering the unifying element, something passed down through the years that holds a special significance for both of our sweetly romantic couples. Every story will deliver on the Guideposts promise of uplifting content sure to nurture your faith…and remind you of the greatest give of all–love. 

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