Over Maya Dead Body

Released July 4, 2017

FBI Special Agent Serena Jones arrives on Martha’s Vineyard with her family, ready for a little bit of R&R and a whole lot of reminiscing as they celebrate the engagement of an old family friend. But crime doesn’t take a vacation, and she’s soon entangled in an investigation of a suspicious death tied to an antiquities smuggling ring. 
When her investigation propels her into danger, Serena must stay the course and solve this case before anyone else dies. But just how is she supposed to do that when the two men in her life arrive on the scene, bringing with them plenty of romantic complications–and even a secret or two?


What others are saying about it:

Over Maya Dead Body is another deftly crafted masterpiece of a novel by an author who is an award winning master of the mystery/suspense genre.” ~ Midwest Book Reviews

“This was the perfect summer read. There were lots of twists and turns that kept me guessing until the end.” ~ Interviews and Reviews

“Sandra Orchard has once again penned a can’t-put-it-down mystery novel, made even better by humor that even a Royal Guardsman would have to crack a smile at.” ~ Prairie Sky Reviews

This has become one of my favourite mystery series thanks to the intriguing plots, the gentle wit and humour, and the array of unique and down-to-earth characters. If only the series could continue!” ~ Fiction Aficionado

“Is this a “Guys Book”?   Sure enough! The suspense grabs you from the first page and never lets you go.  There’s not a ton of romance and there is plenty of danger lurking around every corner.” ~ Reviews from a Man’s Perspective


  • I didn’t want to stop reading after I opened the cover, but unfortunately life made me stop or I would have read it from cover to cover. I would think that I had it all figured out and you would send me a curve ball. Serena was a winner no matter who she chose. I think that Aunt Martha should have her own series now.

    • So glad you enjoyed it! I set up a private FB group for people who have finished it, if you’d like to chat about it without worrying about giving away spoilers. 🙂 You can check it out here if you’re interested: tps://www.facebook.com/groups/1680399125601702 I’ve always thought I should do a historical adventure for Aunt Martha…her globetrotting days. 😉

  • Just finished. Dali- loved it!! A few too many late nights – couldn’t put either books down! I like Tanner too. But something about Nate seems very secretive. Concealed. Like there’s more to him than you think. I like Tanner. But he’d drive me nuts.
    I want the Maya book. But neither bookstores ( Bowmanville, Scarborough) haave it. I don’t want an ebook because my brother in law’s senior mom(88?) loves these books – this series! : Thank you and bless you!!

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series Suzanne, but sorry to hear your closest bookstores don’t have the third book in stock. Did you ask one to order it in for you? Chapters/Indigo/Coles also will.

  • Loved the series!! I thought there was going to be another book to wrap it all up…..did I miss something?

    • I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the series. I was hoping for many more books in it, but initial sales of book 1 weren’t high enough for my publisher to want to extend the series. That said, many readers have asked for more and I’m playing around with some sequel ideas between other book deadlines. In the meantime, if you are on Facebook, you’re welcome to join our “Let’s Chat About Serena Jones” group, where you can read a deleted scene with the guy who got away, as well as, a fan fiction start to a potential sequel. 🙂

  • Hi Sandra!! So I thought of something more I wanted to put than my first comment lol.
    I absolutely LOVE this book series and I’ve reread it abt 8 times in 3 years. Everytime I reread it it just makes me so so happy!! What made you decide to go with Tanner over Nate? I have written my own extension of the book as a fan!!
    Also could I be president of the Tanner fan club lol?

    • Readers of book one were invited to vote on who Serena would end up with and more than half of those who voted chose Tanner, although Nate had a very strong contingent. 🙂

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