Paying the Piper (#16 Scottish Bakehouse Mysteries)

Releases April 2021


Eager competitors are charging toward Loch Mallaig, Michigan, this summer for the upcoming Scottish Games Festival and Michigan Sugar Showcase, and Bread on Arrival bakehouse owners Molly Ferris, Carol MacCallan, and Laura Donovan are gearing up for the challenge of serving them. Although most of the participants are temporary visitors, aspiring chocolatier Lucy Drake made the move permanent to start over after suffering a recent tragedy, and her distant cousin, bakehouse employee Hamish Bruce, has welcomed her eagerly—but catastrophe strikes again when an unseen villain murders Lucy at the height of the town’s Fourth of July festivities.

Hoping to give the Bruces some closure, the Bakehouse Three team up to investigate the murder. However, between the toxic rivalry surrounding the upcoming baking competition and Lucy’s murky past, the potential motives are plentiful—and so are the suspects. Unfortunately, the Bruce family lands in the sights of the police, and Laura, Molly, and Carol must up their game to come to their friends’ defense.

Between their employee falling under suspicion and a series of increasingly sinister events befalling them as they prepare for the contest, the three best friends struggle to come out on top. Will they prevail over the unseen killer terrorizing Loch Mallaig—or will they be the ultimate losers in this cut-throat competition?


About The Scottish Bakehouse Mysteries:

Join former college roommates Molly Ferris, Laura Donovan, and Carol MacCallan as they reunite to open a bakery in bonny Loch Mallaig, Michigan, a place where the iconic sounds of Great Highland bagpipes fill the air, kilts never go out of fashion, and mysteries surface with curious regularity. Undaunted when they discover that the only retail space available in the charming Gaelic town is a former funeral parlor, party planner Molly, NYC chef Laura, and retired math teacher Carol bravely fire up the Scottish bakehouse of their dreams, Bread on Arrival, in the old Victorian mansion.

Powered by friendship, moxie, and plenty of tasty Scottish treats, the Bakehouse Three tackle every challenge that arises—including unsolved murder. From rekindling auld alliances and sparking new ones to chasing cryptic clues wherever they lead, the fiftysomething women prove that it’s never too late to embark on a fresh adventure. Pour a cup of tea, nibble on some shortbread, and get caught up in the mysteries of Loch Mallaig!

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