Dangerous Prospects

October 2023

#5 in Hearts in Peril — A multi-author romantic suspense series from Annie’s Fiction


After their plane is shot down in the Northern Ontario wilderness, three strangers fight the elements, hired guns, and each other, but what price will they pay to escape?

ANGIE CALDWELL has been self-reliant her entire life. Rejected by her mother and abandoned by her uncle, she bounced through the foster care system, learning to resist emotional attachments. But hopeful her uncle’s unexpected summons to his hospital bedside might lead to reconciliation, she intends to do everything in her power to reach him before it’s too late.

Professional engineer, GABE BLAKE, has been hired to provide expert testimony to support charges filed against her uncle’s small mining operation following an industrial accident—a connection of which neither are aware when they meet on the plane.

Years ago, Gabe’s brother died in a hunting accident because Gabe didn’t follow his gut. Following the crash, he’s determined not to repeat the mistake, especially when he’s certain the plane crash was no accident, and the perpetrator will reach the site to finish them long before rescuers arrive. Angie is equally adamant the best course of action is to remain with the plane, and the life of a sullen teenaged girl, whose diabetic condition turns critical hangs, in the balance.

The race to escape the men pursuing them challenges their limits, loyalties and faith.



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