Cozy and Romantic Mysteries

From Guideposts Books 

Love’s A Mystery in Last Chance Iowa
May 2023
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Into Thin Air
June 2024
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From Annie’s Fiction

Boughs of Folly
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Absent Without Leaf – #20 in Victorian Mansion Flower Shop Series
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Lass and Found – #4 in Scottish Bakehouse Mysteries
April 2020
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The Hound and The Fury – #17 in Amish Inn Mysteries
October 2017
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Yule Be Sorry #9 Scottish Bakehouse Mysteries
September 2020
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Digging Up Secrets – #5 in Victorian Mansion Flower Shop Mysteries
May 2018
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Paying the Piper (#16 Scottish Bakehouse Mysteries)
April 2021
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On Pens and Needles – #13 in Secrets of the Castleton Manor Library
June 2018
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Settling Auld Scores (#20 Scottish Bakehouse Mysteries)
July 2021
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Weeds of Doubt – #14 Victorian Mansion Flower Shop Mysteries
~January 2019
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Tradebook Length Mysteries

Serena Jones Mysteries from Revell

A Fool and His Monet
March 2016
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Another Day, Another Dali
October 2016
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Over Maya Dead Body
June 2017
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Port Aster Secrets Series from Revell

Deadly Devotion
June 2013
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Blind Trust
June 2014
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Desperate Measures
June 2015
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