From the Inside … Out


Discover…create…and publish the novel in you! by Susan May Warren and Rachel Hauck

This how to book by award winning authors Susan May Warren and Rachel Hauck is the first how to book I couldn’t wait to put down … so I could start writing!

Susan teaches with a contagious enthusiasm that will spark your creativity and give you the tools to structure you ideas into an unforgettable novel.

When this book arrived in my mailbox I was working on chapter five of my fifth novel and … well … stuck. I knew exactly how I wanted the plot to unfold, but the scene felt flat. An hour later, I’d worked through three of the many helpful worksheets included in the book, and had found the inspiration I needed to make the chapter shine.

These worksheets aren’t the kind of end-of-the-chapter exercises you find in many how to books. You know the kind I mean—the ones you never do. In fact, I use some of these worksheets as springboards for every scene I write to ensure the opening paragraph hooks the reader, the dialogue sizzles, and the story world I’ve built conveys the emotions I’d intended.

I’d like to say From the Inside…Out will be on my bookshelf for years to come, but the truth is it will likely be open on my desktop most of the time.

If you have yet to write your first novel, consider yourself blessed to have the opportunity to read this book first. Susan and Rachel succinctly lay out the key elements you need to create compelling characters whose story is believable, inspirational and irresistible.