Interview with Serena’s Great Aunt Martha

 Tell us a little about yourself.

I am Serena’s great aunt on her mother’s side. About six months ago, I convinced Serena to take over the lease on my apartment west of Forest Park in St. Louis and to adopt my tuxedo cat Harold, since I needed to have hip surgery and her mother, my niece, invited me to live with her.

Are you sure that’s the only reason?

<Laughs> Between you and me, I also hoped the move would give Serena the opportunity to meet a nice young man whom I think would be perfect for her, but if you tell her that, I’ll deny it.

I assume you’re talking about her apartment superintendent Nathan Butler. What do you admire about him?

Oh, gracious what’s not to admire? He’s handsome, thoughtful, intelligent, caring, humble, a good listener. With my coaching he’s also learned to make a super cup of tea. He adores Harold and is always quick to lend a hand when needed. And…he shares Serena’s interest in art and in old films.

I love your accent. Is it Australian?

<splutters her tea> I beg your pardon?  Young lady I hail from England!  Australia indeed…. <sniffs haughtily>

Oh, yes, of course. Have you ever married?

<shakes head> No, I was much too busy to settle down. Before I retired, I traveled around the world as a personal secret’ry to a company director. Although I must say, unlike Serena, I had my fair share of romances.

What kind of work did you do?

I’m not at liberty to share details. You know how companies like to guard their secrets.

Okay, but I mean did you do admin type tasks? Chair meetings? Coordinate events?

Yes, a little of this and that.

How do you spend your time now that you’re retired?

I love to read mysteries and watch mystery shows on TV and visit with old friends. And of course, help Serena solve her cases.

Serena doesn’t mind?

Heavens, I don’t think so. She’s never said she does. Although…she does tend to fret over the risks I take from time to time. But if she knew some of the antics I used to pull when I was her age….

Was that in this job you’re not at liberty to talk about?

<Grins> Hmmm.

You certainly exude a mysterious air about you.

<Winks> Perhaps, I’m just having fun with you.

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