Interview with Harold (Serena’s cat)


Wow, you’re a handsome cat. Do you like having Serena as your new mistress? 

She’s nice, but Martha was home more and never missed my meals and gave me lots of treats. 

So I guess you like it when she comes to visit? 


I read that Serena has put you in charge of mouse patrol. How do you like that job? 

<grooms paw> I was cool with it until she went all crazy over me knocking her easel while in pursuit. I mean you see police officers knocking people and things out of the way all the time on TV, when they’re chasing a perp. She probably does too, right? Because I heard she’s in law enforcement. Not that I ever get to see her in action. The furthest afield I get to roam is Nathan’s apartment. 

Maybe in her next book a bad guy will hunt her down to the apartment so you can show off all your moves. 

That would be fun! 

I get the impression you like Nate. Yes? 

Sure, he’s a great guy. And he feels the same as me about mice. Fun to catch, but I don’t want to hurt them.  

What about Tanner? Do you like him? 

He’s okay. But he never brings me treats, like Nate does. 

So you’d prefer Serena end up with Nate?

Sure, and every day I sneak on her computer and vote for him, too. I don’t understand why so many people are voting for that other guy. They must be dog people. 


  • Sandra, you’re a hoot! I’m looking forward to reading the 2nd and 3rd Serena Jones books. First I need to catch up on my sleep and work after the inability to put down the Port Aster series! So glad I found you on Book Bub!

Great to "see" you here today! I look forward to reading your comment.