– On Location in St. Louis

Forest Park Art Museum
St. Louisians will recognize these images as the St. Louis Art Museum, the inspiration (minus the stolen paintings part) for “Forest Park Art Museum” located at the top of the same hill in Serena Jones’ fictional St. Louis world. The painting in the bottom corner is a Monet exhibited at SLAM. Click the image if you’d like information about visiting the real thing. It’s free!!!
These are snapshots of the hospital near Forest Park where Serena finds herself on several occasions.
St. Louis Scape
St. Louis’ iconic arch and the view from its peek. Yes, I braved those tiny little cars that Serena wouldn’t be caught dead in so I could snap these pics for the bonus features. 🙂


Here are more sites that inspired settings in the story–the St. Louis neighborhoods where Serena works and plays.  Click on an image to read caption and scroll through the enlarged images.



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