Deep Cover

So far I’ve only been alerted to one true blooper, and thanks to that attentive reader, my publisher was able to correct the Ebook version.

This is how the original reads midway through the book:

“You think Laud would take out his own niece?” Zach’s voice rose in disbelief.

“The man took out his own wife!”

“You don’t know that,” Zach said. “The fire marshal said she was smoking in bed.”

“The fire started from a cigarette next to the bed. Not in it.”

“Could’ve still been her own fault. And that was over twenty-five years ago. You’ve got to calm down, or you’re going to blow your case. This could’ve been an accident, too, pure and simple.”

Explanation: If you’ve read the book, you should recognize the blooper. I can’t say more, because I don’t want to spoil the book for those who might yet read it.

For fun, this is one of Lori’s “real-life” bloopers (Lori has a mental age of 3 or 4):

Rick laughed—a laugh filled with memories of weekends in the kitchen with Ginny concocting outrageous combinations of food, but none as peculiar as the birthday cake Lori had made for him. When the bottle of whipped cream she’d been using to ice his cake had run dry, she’d thought the picture on the aerosol tin in her mom’s bathroom looked like the same stuff. He worked his mouth, still able to taste the lemony-scented shaving cream.