Editors’ Tweaks ~ Into Thin Air

With multi-author series such as Mysteries of Cobble Hill Farm, the authors don’t always know what gets changed after the initial round of edits, because we don’t proofread the final galleys. So…unless I sit down and read the printed book after publication, I remain blissfully unaware of what else has been changed since my final submission. 

But… while copying an excerpt from the opening scene to include in these bonus features, I spotted a few changes of note. 

The double-yolk laying chicken case is based on a true story my uncle recounted to me of a hen injured by my grandfather while farming in the UK in the 1940s. 

However, the editors opted to make a fox, rather than Allen, responsible for Rosie’s injury, as I’d originally written it. I like that this puts the lad in a more favourable light, especially when he clearly cares a lot about animals. 

In the original

The boy had been fuming at one of the farm geese that was making a nuisance of himself and threw something at it to scare it off. But ended up inadvertently clipping Rosie, causing her injury.

Also deleted:

Being a practical farm woman, his mom had been prepared to cook Rosie for dinner, but Allen wouldn’t stand for it. To hear tell, he’d left his equally distraught sister in his dust as he raced to Cobble Hill, with his piggy bank tucked in his rucksack. 

I guess my editors didn’t want to distress readers with that thought. 😆 

Vocabulary and dialogue adjustments were also made throughout the story to better balance readability while maintaining a flavour of Yorkshire distinctiveness. Check out Yorkshire Speak for more details. 

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