Interview with Charlie – Harriet’s Cat

Image courtesy of Carlos Porto at

Does it bother you that you’re often mistaken for a boy because of your name? 

🙄 As long as they don’t forget to feed me, they can call me whatever they like. Doc Bailey, Harriet’s grandfather who first took me in, said he called all his office cats Charlie over the years…one less thing to keep track of. <Shrug> Beggars can’t be choosers. 

Do you mean no one else wanted to take you in? 

Would you? I scarcely escaped the fire with my life. And my coat is still patchy all these years later. 

But it’s what’s on the inside that’s important and from what I hear you’re a wonderfully protective mama. 

I don’t like to see any creature abandoned. So when I found that baby under the bush, of course, I wasn’t about to leave him alone. 

I take it that you didn’t like being shut out from watching over your young charge once Aunt Jinny took over the infant’s care?

They didn’t succeed at that for long though, did they? 😎 

LOL, no I suppose they didn’t. You’re certainly a cat I’d want on my side. 


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