• You’re very welcome, Beth. Going on the cruise was definitely a dream come true for me. I highly recommend it.

      • My hubby and I went on a 4 day cruise to Ensenada, Mexico for our honeymoon. We enjoyed it. Loved the different foods to eat for dinner!

        • Oh, yes, the choices aboard are amazing. And of course, not having to cook for all those days makes it extra special. 🙂

  • Hi Sandra,
    Popped over from Seekerville.
    These are wonderful.
    We’re heading that way this summer.
    Which cruise line? How large was the ship (passengers)?
    Thanks for sharing your expertise this morning. I learned a lot! 😀

    • Hi KC,

      Thanks for popping by. We traveled on Princess Cruises. I think it was just under 2000 passengers and about the same number of crew members. Willier to Vancouver. You’ll have a great time!

  • I had to take a break from reading ‘Perilous Waters’ and look at your website to see if I could find out which cruise ship and itinerary the story was patterned after. I knew it had to be a Princess cruise because of the details about the ship and the ports of call woven into the story. I was pleasantly surprised to see your photo of the Island Princess. My husband and I went on our first cruise in 2010. It was to Alaska aboard the Island Princess. We’re going back next month aboard the Golden Princess. Thanks for the memories and the look ahead. It’s a great read so far.

    • Yes, we were on the Island Princess in 2012. We traveled from Whittier to Vancouver, but for the book I chose an itinerary from Seattle so it would be easier to use an FBI agent. 🙂 Enjoy your cruise! I would love to go back. I’m delighted to hear that you’re enjoying the book.

Great to "see" you here today! I look forward to reading your comment.