Deleted Scenes

While several scenes from my original draft of Shades of Truth were extensively modified and others were added, only scenes in my villain’s point of view were deleted. The scene below was in Chapter Six. As explained in “Editor’s Cuts”, these scenes were deleted, because they gave away too much of the suspense plot, so if you haven’t already read the book, be warned that this could be a spoiler.

Derk kicked the door shut behind him and switched his cell phone to his other ear as he shrugged out of his jacket. “You’ll have to finish him off,” he growled, loosening his tie.

“Don’t worry. The kid isn’t going anywhere except the morgue.”

“Are the cops buying that he attempted suicide?”

“Too early to tell.”

Derk sank onto the sofa and picked up the paperwork on the new Hope Manor employee. “I don’t like it. The chief’s bound to get suspicious. I’m still not convinced Reed’s not a plant.”

“Ethan Reed’s story checked out. He never returned to active duty after he was shot. He took an extended leave and then resigned.”

“Once a cop, always a cop. And cops are notoriously curious. If Reed hears about the string of suspicious deaths, he’s going to start asking questions.” A smile toyed with Derk’s lips. Part of him anticipated the challenge—one at last worthy of his attention.

Every man had his Achilles’ heel, and Derk intended to find Reed’s. Just in case.