Fun Friday – What would you do…?

Since reading Nipped in the Bud last weekend, a question has plagued me all week…


What would I do if someone threatened me with a gun? 

We see this happen all the time in TV shows and movies. The person with the gun usually gives the victim some compelling reason to come along quietly. Often a loved one is threatened if they don’t cooperate. Similarly the character in Nipped was presented with a couple of very compelling reasons to stall, but part of me was screaming at her to…well…SCREAM.

Unless there are other bad guys who have my loved ones this minute, I’m thinking this is between you and me, buddy. And I will not go gentle into that good night.

If there are people around, I’m going to scream, “Gun. Don’t shoot. Don’t shoot.”

Then I’m going to run like a mad woman. Most people really aren’t that good a shot. Chances are they’re not going to hit me, let alone kill me. Chances are even better that they won’t want to draw anymore attention to themselves so they’ll slink away and wait for another opportunity.

Of course, that’s where the being petrified for your loved ones ramps up to hyper mode.

But c’mon if I let him shoot me, how do I know he wouldn’t then go off and shoot them anyway?

Your Turn: You’re at an outdoor event, or a mall parking lot with other people around, and someone threatens you with a gun. What are you going to do?