No Toy Left Behind

After a computer villain launched a cyber plot to consume all my time yesterday in trying to get my guest post on the Craftie Ladies of Romance blog to render properly, I decided I’d had enough of villains for one week!

It’s Fun Friday. Time to smile! 

One thing that makes me smile every time I witness it is…

When we leave the house, we crate our eat-everything-in-sight pup, Bella. We always supply her with all her favorite toys and a chew bone.

What’s hilarious is that as soon as we let her out of the crate, she carries her toys one by one to the living room–far from view of that crate.

She’s a true marine. No toy shall be left behind!

Your turn: What made you smile this week? 


  • Well, I’m not really sure if I should be laughing or crying but my dog Simba has taken to opening the mail…well some of it anyway…and then hiding it in special places. He mostly leaves the bills alone (thanks Simba) but recently my friend sent me a birthday card. I found it last night — open and underneath my pillow!!!! When I say open I mean shredded. Now my friend has a cat so that might have something to do with it. But under the pillow? What’s up with that?

  • My smile is also dog related.

    Hubby and I always take the dogs out for a walk together. Lately, we’ve been taking them to a main/central park in our area. Well, I walk the retired grey hound and hubby walks the border collie. Now if you are a greyhound owner, you know that you can never let them off of the leash period. They are trained sight hounds and would run after a piece of paper blowing in the wind.

    Hubby and I passed the Babe Ruth fields at the park. They’re enclosed by fences. I opened the gate and let Pickles off of her lease. Rarely do we get a glimpse of her old running life. She ran circles around me as I stood on second base. I crack up to see just how fast she can go. She made me smile! Greyhounds are the second fastest land animal. 0 -45 mph in 5 seconds.

    I’ll try to get a video of her.

  • Don’t have dogs or cats, but I have been amazed this week…with cooler weather in GA….at the squirrels working so hard running back and forth, hiding pecans! We’ve been here in country 3 yrs. and have never seen them so busy!! Is that a sign of COLD winter ahead?!!!

  • My smile of the week came yesterday when I was able to take my stiff new shoes off my aching blistered feet and relax after my sisters wedding. There’s nothing like it after a stress filled week of work.

  • Yes, I was one of the five bridesmaids…as well as making the wedding cake, organising the music, singing the music, and battling with a giant headache for the past week. Apart from all that, it was a great wedding.

  • Oh, wow, Imogen. You are certainly multi-talented! I hope your sister appreciates all your hard work!!! Or will after her head comes down from the clouds. 🙂

    And praying you have a headache free week now that it’s all done. 🙂

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