Help Me Name the Men in Serena’s Life

Serena Jones is my up-and-coming newest heroine, an FBI agent specializing in art crime and the following pics are the inspiration for some of the men in her life:

Serena's Guys 2What would you call them? Let me know in the comments your ideas for names, occupations, relationship to Serena (colleague, relative, friend of a friend, suspect etc), good guy/bad guy, hobbies/interests, or suggest other actors.

Go wild and have fun…keeping it clean, of course.  😳

If I use your suggestion, and in the case of duplicate name or description suggestions, you’re the first one who made the suggestion, you’ll receive an advanced copy of the book as my thanks!!



  • This is SO fun! I’m not very good with coming up with names, but I’ll give it a shot! LOL

    #3 Colleague (oh yeah he must be FBI) LOL! :0) , partner if she’s going to have one, and friend. Nathan Callahan, he’s a joker but he’s got a serious side. He can always make Serena laugh even when she’s down.

    Her Handler’s name…maybe Mark not sure about last name all I can think is Higgins LOL! But I’m not sure that fits! 😀

    Her boss Henry Smith! I think he should have a name as common as Smith to be head of the FBI! 😉

    #1 Hacker! He’s the one she can’t catch and keeps popping up. Maybe as the series progresses they’ll become allies instead of adversaries and he’ll come and work for the FBI! 🙂 Serena will end up witnessing to him and he’ll come to Salvation when he turns from his criminal ways!

    Oh I LOVE IT! 😀 LOL! Thanks for the fun Sandra!

    Blessings, Amada (pronounced:

    • Love your suggestions, Amada. Thank you! I really like the name Nathan. I had a guy by that name in my last manuscript and then ended up deleting the character, so I’m so glad you reminded me of the name. I’d love to use it. I like your reasoning about Smith, too. 😀

  • Apartment Super: Ajax (Jax) Camarino
    Retired cat burglar who still has ties to the underworld
    His hobby is raising exotic orchids
    Good guy

    Guy #1: Brenden St. Regis
    Friend of Ajax
    Attracted to Serena
    Art Collector, fond of Caravaggio’s works and Caravaggio-inspired artists
    Heir to grandmother’s extensive baroque art collection
    good guy
    Possible crime victim

    Guy #2: Kurt Farmington
    International art dealer
    Specializes in baroque and rococo Art

    Guy #3: Clayton Grant
    Serena’s partner
    Secretly likes Serena
    Loves dogs
    Can hack into any computer program and talk his way into anyone’s residence
    Hates art museums

    Guy #4: Hayden Sommerhurst
    Partner of Kurt Farmington
    Coffee connoisseur
    Loves to vacation in the Virgin Islands

    Boss: Maxwell Benton
    Collects ancient coins
    Thinly disguised misogynist

    Handler: Tanner Jamison
    Good guy
    Loves anything NASCAR
    Rides a motorcycle
    Tries to get Serena on his motorcycle, but she hates them

    Thanks, Sandra. This was fun.

    All the best as you create this story.

    ~Janet Kerr

  • What a fun!

    Apartment Super: Tom Cash
    Her boss: Steve Arterton
    Her handler: Luke Braxton
    Guy #1: Jeremy Tomlinson
    Guy #2: Jack Clay
    Guy #3: Pete Studebaker
    Guy #4: Zachary Ponk

  • Where does she find such men??!!

    First off Mr. Blue Eyes is not her apartment super. He’s the guy next door that helped her carry her boxes to her new apartment. His name’s Luke Spagnoletti (nicknamed Spaghetti in grade school and it stuck through high school). He’s genuinely sweet, can never come up with anything clever to say though he tries. He’s always lending a hand, makes sure she gets to know everyone in the apartment, invite her to social outings with other people in the working class community (his comfort zone), he’s completely oblivious that she’s FBI. He still works for his pop’s pizza joint but dreams of going out on his own by opening Luke’s Sports Bar (he currently works ‘in secret from his father’ nights at a sports bar and exhausts himself pulling the two jobs but can’t break his dad’s heart by quitting the pizzeria). His entire family are sports addicts, they love the ‘game’ and understand it completely. When they talk sports, they know what they’re talking about. Loves his nieces and nephews … all 15 of them.

    #2 is her apartment superintendent, Frank. Recently divorced, wears any shirt that passes the sniff test, rarely leaves his own room without a beer or mountain dew, or something in a paper bag — though he’s never been seen drunk (that or no one’s seen him sober enough to tell the difference), the cops know him well and check up often though no one knows why — he takes good care of his tenants and comes off genuinely nice though he likes to talk about his good looks and how could his wife leave someone with his charm. He invites her to get a drink with him daily (he knows the greatest places in town). Often goes out with other women in the apartment and calls everyone sweetheart/sweetie. Very forgiving if Serena’s late on her payments — but very unforgiving if Luke is. Treats Luke like a younger brother (aka bullies him … maybe they are related). Pretends to understand sports. He has zilch aspirations.

    Her Handler is Craig Calhoun. He’s very hardcore and knows the FBI book to the dot and the dash. He looks after his agents. He has no life outside the FBI. He’s a patriot, a sin-eater for all the innocent soccer moms and dog walkers. Nothing matters outside the walls of the FBI world. He sees Serena as being just like him, which is why they’d be perfect for each other — no one else could possibly ‘get’ them.

    #1, Nolan Patrickson also works for the FBI but he’s in administration/or does all the calculating kind of stuff. He likes her but doesn’t feel he factors into her day. Craig relies on Nolan’s help for a lot of things, he couldn’t do his job without Nolan doing his job — yet somehow Craig still fails to realize Nolan exists. Unlike Craig, Nolan does have a life outside of work — well he has parents that he still lives with and an increasing yearning to fall in love and do something more than push papers for Craig.

    Her Boss is Daniel McDowell. He’s the master of all things arts. He wrote the history books on art. He lives and breathes art. His house is a piece of art to display art. He lives to reveal art to the world (or at least the upper class) and make sure the whole world knows he’s got a handle on the almighty dollar. He’s been married and divorced three times with a teenage daughter he never sees. And wants to take Serena to wine and dine and ‘talk art’ often.

    #4 is an art buyer who we don’t know much about. His name’s Richard Tanner (but she’s been invited to call him “Rick”). He’s got money and a house in Hawaii she’s been invited to escape to if the art world becomes too much for her. He’s got a yacht — though he prefers his jet. He buys lots of art though never knows the name of the artist. He just buys what catches his fancy whether it’s a Picasso or a no-name impressionists from the streets of LA. He’s the kind of art buyer McDowell can’t stand except for the $’s that spills from his pockets. He has a ‘few’ oil investments.

    And #3 is some drunk college bum that only watches the Superbowl for the commercials, getting dragged out by security when Luke calls him out on his disruptive behavior.

    Who does she end up with … well Frank’s a dead end, McDowell would add her to his trophy shelf, Tanner would lose her in one of the 45 rooms of his Bermuda mansion and forget about her, Calhoun would need a contract for them to hold hands, Nolan just needs to find someone closer to his age (like the girl that deliver’s the coffee that’s been eye-glued to him for months), and well Luke — her lifestyle would crush him…

    • Perfect, my editor will love this, the series can go on forever if she never finds anyone worthy of her to fall in love with.

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