This past week my mother-in-law dug out the greeting cards that my sweet hubby made for his parents when he was a little tike. My father-in-law took great pleasure in pointing out how his son had twice written that he wanted to buy his dear old dad a car. 
Isn’t that sweet? 
Those expressions of generosity were, of course, quickly followed by something like “but I hope being with me will do.”
LOL. This feeds my fiction-writer’s mind with all kinds of fodder for a hero’s backstory.
For myself, I can’t remember ever wishing to give my parents anything so grand as a car—it must be a guy thing. I always loved it when my children drew me pictures, or when they wrote about how much they appreciate the things I do for them.

Oh, and sometimes they’d give me coupons to redeem for vacuuming or washing dishes or some such chore. Of course, they were always really great about doing chores anyway, so I never actually had to redeem them. Hmm, now that they’re getting busier and not able to help out so much, maybe I’ll have to dig out some of those old coupons. I hope they didn’t put an expiry date on them!!

Your Turn: Do you remember a special or humorous card you gave your folks as a child or that you’ve received from a child?


  • LOL — only a boy would think about giving his dad a car! Too cute! Me? I was more about what I could get…like the numerous cards I gave my parents begging for a dog. (Do I have a one-track mind or what?) They were more like illustrated essays really — that grew into epistles and then became somewhat belligerent after a long succession of ‘nos’. I believe one such ditty went along the lines of why having a dog is better than having a dad. Oy, I was a brat.

    I finally got a dog when I was sixteen. Not because my dad gave in, but because I brought a stray home. My dad took it to the Humane Society the next day. I went down and sprung her the same day. Poor thing was cowering in a cage and it just broke my heart. I had no way of getting her home because they wouldn’t let me take a dog on the bus so poor ol’ Delly and I had to walk for a couple of hours to get home.

    Teehee, imagine the fireworks in my house when my dad came home from working late to find the same dog he’d ditched at the pound greeting him at the door? Ah those were the days!

  • Kav, I’m rolling on the floor. Dog better than Dad…you are soooo bad! I bet the next day after you sprung the dog, your dad was muttering about dropping you at the pound. LOL

  • Timely post, Sandra. Love Kav’s comments. Hub and I just had a birthday (yeah, same day), and we are always amazed at the cards from our daughter….she does great job of choosing them!
    Have a great weekend all!

  • I love what a generous heart your hus has, even as a child!

    The most memorable card we’ve received was a Grandparent’s Day card ten years ago, as my daughter’s way of announcing she was expecting her first baby!

    Happy Week,

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