Fun Friday – The Truth

The truth is I’m cheating. I’ve been so busy writing Q & As for my upcoming blog tour that I don’t have a pithy thought left in my brain for a fun Friday post. So…

I’m sharing a fun post I wrote for Roxanne Rustand’s blog back in December.

Roxanne had invited me to share a story about one of our animals, and I couldn’t decide on just one—animal or story!

Now any of you who have been with me for awhile have heard many stories about Bella, my hubcap-eating husky who, like a Houdini, can mysteriously escape from her crate without unlocking the door.
She likes people to think she’s a perfect angel, but don’t be fooled by the wings and stardust. We’ve lost count of how many shoes and collars she’s chewed through, not to mention plastic flowerpots.

We have no idea where she keeps finding those!

Yes, she causes us no end of anxiety. One day my daughter saw her standing on the far side of the hayfield at the edge of the woods. She called and called her to come, and naturally, got pretty frustrated when the dog just stood its ground and stared.

But what happened next chilled my daughter to the bone.

Bella loped happily up to her… from behind.  

Did I mention Bella looks like a coyote?

Yup, my dear daughter was trying to coax one of the local coyotes to come home to us. Thank goodness, the animal didn’t oblige!

Is it any wonder we’ve earned a bit of an eccentric reputation around the neighborhood? It’s not every family who gives their chickens wheelbarrow rides.

Or who walk their horse and goat along with the dog.

Or who give the neighborhood cats pony rides.

But perhaps one has to be a tad eccentric to spend hours a day writing novels!

Your Turn: Please share a funny story with us!

BTW If you’d like to read that husky hubcap story, clickhere. It’s my favorite. I’d love to see it become one of the top stories on my sidebar. *grin*


  • We sure do! And you’re most welcome. We’d love to have you. But since you’re into war re-enactments, I feel that I must set the record straight on the war of 1812…or we might have to boot you out. 🙂

  • LOL — so much fun! So, about the goat — do they make good pets?

    I can’t believe your daughter was trying to call the coyote in. Don’t you just wonder what was in that coyote’s mind? And doesn’t that just make you want to put it into a book? I mean, what if the coyote came? Or maybe had been rescued as a pup and then released into the wild but it had imprinted on humans and was really only half-wild and confused and just instinctively answered the call? Then what would the heroine do?!

    Here’s my crazy pet story — and I have a lot of them. It’s about Theodora, the Rat. Yes as in rodent. They make wonderful pets, you know and are very clever. You can train them just like you can train a dog, but the ball they fetch has to be much smaller.

    Okay, so Theodora liked to sleep in the pocket of an old flannel shirt I used to wear. She’d curl up in there all warm and snug for an afternoon siesta while I went about whatever business I had to do.

    On a certain fateful day I was involved in a project of some sort or other and found I needed to the store. Completely forgetting that Theodora snoozed in her flannel ‘hammock’, I corralled all the kids I was babysitting at the time, harnessed the babies into the stroller, leashed the dogs and off we went.

    I always felt like the piped piper when I went anywhere with my borrowed brood and we always drew stares, but I thought the cashier’s recoil of distaste was exessive. Hadn’t she seen a gaggle of children before? Well, turns out she had — it was the rat she was freaking out over. Poor Theodora had woken up and crawled up onto my shoulder, chattering with excitement as she nuzzled my ear.LOL

  • Oh, Kav, that’s hilarious. I can just picture it. In fact, you should make it into a picture book story!!! What a hoot! And great idea for our coyote…hmmm, I’ll have to think on that 🙂

  • Glad y’all have fun!!! lol This is not funny, but exciting…we saw our first bluebirds today…drinking and bathing in the bird bath! Is Spring coming early to GA?!?!?

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