My Favorite Essential Oils

A post on essential oils probably seems like an off-the-wall topic for a fiction author, but I’ve decided to make my newest heroine a fan of them so it is related.  😉

For years I avoided essential oils, because I’m very sensitive to fragrances, particularly floral scents. Many give me an instant migraine.

But I’ve become a huge fan of several essential oils in the past few months, particularly, orange essential oil, which is purported to increase energy and creativity. I’ve been diffusing it in my office for weeks now and the writing has been humming along nicely.

 image of woman happily writing

Sure, I have a suspicion that my loyalty to it is kind of like a hockey or football player’s tendency (at least in the movies) to stick to the same ritual that has kept them on their current winning streak, but…hey, I love the smell and the extra humidity (I use a cool mist diffuser) is a welcome bonus.

My daughter loves it when I sprinkle a few drops of lemon on the furnace filter, too, probably because it gives the entire house a nice just-cleaned scent. This, of course, might be wishful thinking on her part, because between the aforementioned humming-along writing and a strained hip muscle that makes it painful for me to bend, the housecleaning isn’t happening unless she does it.  😉

My son loves having a mix of lemon and peppermint diffused in his bedroom at night. He says that it has really helped his sinuses. The rest of the family loves the much more pleasant, non-locker-room smell emanating from his room.  😆

I’m also experimenting with using rosemary essential oil in my bath water. Now if you can get past smelling like you’re marinating as you soak in the tub, rosemary is supposed to be good for a wide variety of things that ail you, from constipation or diarrhea, to menstrual pain, to regulating oils in skin whether dry or oily, to…hair loss–stopping it.

That last one was of particular interest to me, since multiple deadlines last year contributed to my hair coming out in droves. Yeah, okay, it probably doesn’t count when you pull it out in frustration, buy hey, it was worth a try.  😀

Your Turn: How about you? Have you ever used essential oils? Do you have a favorite?


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