5 Things I Love about Traveling South

I’m enjoying a working/writing holiday in sunny Florida for the next few weeks so while you’ll see new photos appear on my FB page (which feeds to the sidebar of this blog), I probably won’t write here again until April, unless…something really cool happens that I can’t wait to share. 😉

So here’s what I love about traveling from what was snowy Canada when I left:

1) Sunshine!

2) Hotels, nice hotels with refrigerators and microwaves and coffee makers and continental breakfasts, for under fifty dollars with the nifty coupons you pick up at the visitor’s centers.

3) While on the topic of money, the cost to eat on the road is super reasonable, too. I had a delicious rainbow trout dinner with a baked sweet potato and vegetable for ten dollars, including tax and tip! And via the fast food route, I ate for under five. Can’t do that back home.

4) Another thing we don’t see in restaurants back home are tea biscuits. I looove tea biscuits. 🙂

5) Did I mention sunshine?!! Yesterday, I was out in shorts and sandals and short-sleeved tops. Even went swimming.

Wherever you are, I hope all is well. Have a great day.

Your Turn: What have you liked about vacation spots you’ve visited?