You Know What I Mean?

Ever wish you could have your own personal editor?

I’m not talking to just the writers in the group. I’m talking to everyone.

Over the holidays, I received some additional revision requests back from my editor thanks to an astute proof reader who caught a critical inconsistency in the story.

Girl struggling to understand what she's reading

The catch got me to thinking about how we say things, knowing what we mean, but not really realizing that others won’t interpret what we say the way we mean it.

Ever had that happen?

My poor, dear husband fell victim to that folly over the holidays when I asked him how he liked “his” taste in clothes. (I’d bought myself a top and sweater “from him” for Christmas and was fashioning them for him.) Now, men would argue that there’s no safe answer to such a question, but I beg to differ. At least…some answers are waaaaay better than others.

“It’s okay” is a lousy answer.

“Wow! I have awesome taste. Of course, anything I pick would look amazing on you…” would be a fabulous answer.

But I digress. 🙄

Now, what was my point? Oh, yes, if my husband…um, I mean if we had our own personal editor to evaluate what we said, before the words passed our lips, we’d miss making all kinds of silly blunders, and some serious ones, too.

Your Turn: Ever say something you wish you could take back or edit? Care to share? 😉

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