Following the Example of the Magi

Image of the Magi

I’ve never thought much about the magi who followed the star from the east in search of a king. Yet…

the wise men have many qualities we’d do well to emulate.

When I’m writing a story, I research umpteen aspects of the location, characters, occupations, weather, etc. that will come into play in my story. For my latest story, I’ve been reading the UK’s Farmer’s Weekly every week to better understand the struggle of farmers and the challenges they and their vets face. I’ve researched changes to laws and subsidy schemes due to changing politics. I’ve researched the effects of WWII on farming to incorporate historical clues into my mystery. The list goes on and on. 

How much more diligently should we search out answers to life’s most important questions?

In their day, the Magi didn’t have such varied and vast quantities of information at their fingertips as we do today. They were highly educated men, who’d likely spent years studying religion, astronomy, medicine and so on. And when they saw a new star in the sky, they diligently searched their ancient texts for an explanation.

Finding it, they gathered gifts fit for a king and journeyed to find Him. 

Based on their recorded interaction with King Herod and his resultant edict, the Magi’s search had likely spanned almost two years. We can only presume that in all that time they continued to earnestly search for the king who’d been foretold. 

And when they found Him, they worshipped Him as a king deserves. They gave him gifts of tremendous value. Jesus was no more than two years old, yet they gave Him the best of what they had to offer.

May we follow their example. 

Best wishes to you and yours this Christmas season. 


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