Attention Aspiring Love Inspired Writers!

The Love Inspired Editors have just announced a new fast-track pitch opportunity. You can find all the details here:

You will need to sign in to the Harlequin community to see the info and take part in the discussion with editors/ask questions.

Here’s the Timeline copied from their post:
March 16 – SHOW US YOUR STUFF. Submit the 100 words or less blurb and first page of your inspirational romance, romantic suspense or historical romance manuscript to starting today.
April 3 – All entries must be in house. The editors will review the entries over the next ten days and choose the teams.

April 13 – REEL US IN. Editors will announce which entries will be joining a team and which editors will be mentoring each team. The authors on the teams will be invited to submit their proposal by May 1 to the email box.
May 1 – All proposals must be in house. Editors will review the submissions from their team over the next 2 weeks and narrow down the ones that seem most promising to move on to the next stage.

May 15 – SEAL THE DEAL. Editors will announce which team members will be going on to the final round. Qualifying authors will be invited to submit their complete manuscript. Authors who are not moving on will privately receive personalized feedback. Authors who are moving on will have until July 15 to submit their full manuscripts.
July 15 – All entries must be in house. Editors will review the submissions from their team and decide next steps (reject, request a revision, or offer a contract). By the end of 75 days, decisions will be made to contract, send a revision letter or reject each of the stories. All authors who submit full manuscripts will receive notification of our decision within this time frame.

Final Results!

August 30 – We will announce the results in a blog post that wraps up the pitch, shares our thoughts on the highs and lows, highlights any sales and gives stats on the results for the full manuscript submissions.

Sound exciting? If you think you could rock this pitch, get ready to show us your stuff. Read our team bios, the info on formatting guidelines, the inspirational success stories and the blogs on what each line is looking for and how to write an amazing blurb and first page, then start those books. Be sure to follow the guidelines for Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense and Love Inspired Historical. Only one entry per author, please. Deadlines are tight, so keep writing while you’re waiting to hear back. And if your book is complete now, don’t forget to tell us in your email. You never know. We might want to pounce on your book right away. Ready, set, GO!