Fun Friday – Photo

I snapped this photo while touring a wilderness conservation area in Alaska. 
The sign says: Dangerous Animals stay back from fence
Kind of brings new meaning to the verse “Wide is the gate that leads to destruction.” Doesn’t it? 
Hmm, maybe I’ll add a zoo scene to my next book.  

Your Turn: Have you seen any funny, bizarre or unusual signs lately?

P.S. Don’t forget to check back Monday to see which commenter receives an advanced copy of Critical Condition.


  • I’ve seen tons of funny signs but do you think I can dredge one up at the moment? Nope. Though I did see a cluster of dogs all milling around a sign at the park on my way to the library today. The sign said “No dogs allowed” and there was a big Newfoundland dog in the back looking right up at it. He looked like he was trying to figure out if the sign was directed at him. Newfs aren’t just dogs, right? They get special privileges.

    Hey, I have a question which you can answer or not as you see fit; Is your next book set in Alaska?

    • That’s hilarious, Kav. Too bad you didn’t get a picture! As for your question…between you, me and the blogosphere, I’ve proposed a book set on a cruise to Alaska, still waiting to hear on it. 🙂

Great to "see" you here today! I look forward to reading your comment.