The vote for your favourite man in Serena Jones’s life has ended. We continued to collect votes for a few years to see if the “winner” changed as more readers discovered the series, but the app I used to tally votes is now obsolete.

I won’t tell you who won, because I don’t want to spoil the series for you. But I’d still love to hear your comments. (However, if you’ve read all 3 books, please don’t include any spoilers.)

Those who’ve read all the books are invited to enjoy our Spoiler Alert-Facebook Chat Group about Serena Jones.

Here’s a quick recap of the choices:
Ten years older than Serena, Tanner Calhoun is a dedicated agent, quick-witted and protective.

Nate Butler is an easy-going animal lover, who shares Serena’s love of art, a well-brewed cup of tea and old movies.

Check out cast pics here:

Still can’t decide?

Check out this blog from a Team Tanner fan and this one from Team Nate’s fan club president.  😀


  • I don’t know which one there are so many possibilities for each of them. I think I am leaning more towards Nate because of what that zing factor!

    • One of my crit partners favours Nate and the other favours Tanner, soooo I think their input into revisions will make it a tight race. 🙂

  • I like the chemistry Serena has with Tanner, but I’m wondering if Nate is the better catch. Could it be Nate is actually a millionaire? When Aunt Martha mentioned the movie How to Marry a Millionaire, he chocked on his water. In the movie, the least likely man was actually the millionaire. Aunt Martha may just be on to something. 😉

    • Hmm, so true, Leslie. First loves often seem to retain an unusually strong hold on people’s hearts.

  • I think Nate is the better for a long-term relationship. But you’ve created definite reader affection for both men, so I think that gives you a responsibility to find someone else for the guy who loses out on Serena… Future series? Random short story for newsletter subscribers? Don’t leave us feeling sorry for him for too long… Unless of course it turns out he’s a supervillain. In which case, let Billy at him 🙂

    • I laughed out loud at your idea for Billy. Love it! And love your ideas for what to do for the runner up in this race…if of course he’s not a super villain. 😀

  • Nate hands down although I wonder what he and Aunt Martha are up to? I like Tanner a lot, but what if he and Linda should become involved in a case together-just to cause a little healthy jealousy?

  • I fell for Tanner the moment he appeared. Then you had to go and compare him to one of my favorite actors! So my vote is Tanner, he and Serena seem like a good match!

    • Yee, Hannah! I’m glad to here you love the actor comparison. He’s a favourite of mine, too, ever since I saw him in Accidental Husband. 🙂

  • A romance with Tanner creates problems at work. Nate seems to make life more interesting and is supportive of her needs without thinking about her dangerous job. So, I think I would go for Nate and Serena.

  • Tanner, love the way he protects Serena and keeps her mind focused. Every time she calls him for backup, he races to help her out. *the actor you picked is good, but I picture him more like Gerald Butler* I REALLLLY want to know which actor Serena compares him too!

    • Gerard had been in the running. Serena does mention Jeffrey Dean Morgan (to herself) after Tanner guesses Christopher Plummer in chapter 4. At least…she does in my manuscript. I haven’t looked in the final printed book!

  • Oh this is so hard. It seemed like every time she said that she didn’t want to date a new guy would pop up. (Tanner, Nate, Jax, Billy, Matt…) I hope Jax and Zoe work out, because that would leave him totally out of the picture. I feel like Nate has some secrets of his own. (Millionaire, possible CIA agent, ….) Which means that both Nate and Tanner will bring an exciting and dangerous job into the mix. Anyway for the moment I am leaning toward Tanner. I like them both.

    • Matt is married so he’s out. 🙂

      And she got over Billy in high school. 😉 I love how well he knows her though, having watched her grow up, and that he gives her insights into the male psyche. 😀

  • Tanner, is my choice.
    Nate might be fine and all. Personally though I’d be a little creeped out that I couldn’t have a mouse on the loose in the middle of the night without him popping up the outside stairs to take a peek in the window.

    Also Serena needs to invest in peek proof curtains/shades so she can walk around without being spied on.

    • As long as my publisher lets me keep adding more books to the series. 😉 [so…tell your friends to buy the book 🙂 ]

  • Tanner! I like the interaction between him and Serena. I don’t quite know what it is about Nate, but he struck me as a suspicious character. (:

  • I want to see Serena with Nate because Tanner is too much like her with them both being FBI agents.

  • Tanner. 100%.

    Reason 1) Tanner is her best and most loyal friend. Friends with the whole family, not just Aunt Martha (and do we *really* trust Martha’s friend choices?)

    Nate is an infatuation.

    Reason 2) Tanner’s protective but respects Serena is a capable, strong woman. He’s confident but realizes he can’t have “any woman he wants.” He knows he has to fight for Serena, and she’s worth it to him. He also recognizes Nate is a worthy opponent, as much as he tries to hide it.

    Nate is like the mice he’s catching – moves himself into her life without invite, appearing in unexpected places – like her window. Nuff said.

    Reason 3) Tanner’s getting up there, he’ll likely want to slow down/settle down in the upcoming books, right after he plays a vital role in Serena solving the mystery of her grandfather’s death, and Serena decides crime investigation no longer means to her what it had.

    Nate still has to hit his midlife crisis, where he’ll grow his hair, get an “I love mom” tat and Harley Davidson across America to the anthem of “Life is a Highway.”

    Plus, Serena could develop a rare tea allergy or be transferred to a remote island without TV, or mice – and then what would Nate and her have in common!

    Tanner 100%. I rest my case.

  • Just finished the book and enjoyed it thoroughly. So much humor I was laughing out loud at times while reading during lunch – much to the amusement of my co-workers. I hated for it to end without having book #2 to dive into next. Even though I find Bradley Cooper much better looking than Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I’m choosing Tanner because I’m a little suspicious of Nate. The fact that he knows so much about art himself makes me wonder if he isn’t a wee bit shady. I also think that he has money because of his reaction when Aunt Martha mentioned the movie “How to Marry a Millionaire”. Tanner is solid and dependable and can be the voice of reason when Serena needs to be calmed down. Also, who doesn’t love a guy who cares for and protects her, but also allows her to be independent? Looking forward to reading more exploits not only with Serena’s cases, but also with her family.

    • I love that you amused your coworkers with your laughing. 🙂 So pleased you enjoyed the novel. Thanks for voting!

        • Oh my goodness – of course I’ll do my best to convert Carrie to #TeamNate!! I don’t have a problem with Tanner’s eyes going soft, BUT he’s her training officer, her superior, and let’s be honest – work-related relationships often end badly. I’m looking for Tanner to have more respect for Serena as a fellow officer/agent. Nate is so darn nice, and willing to lay down his life for Serena. Tanner should be protecting her and setting an example, not hitting on her.

          And Nate adores cats and makes her popcorn – he’s the perfect man for Serena (or me)!!! 🙂

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  • From the moment Nate appeared dangling the kitty litter scoop I was a huge fan. He seemed to have this unbeatably real, sweet, and fun- loving character,…but then that line about his ‘gorgeous eyes’ ticked me off a bit. He seems more like this great ordinary guy, not a modern-day prince charming. After that, he seemed to get more and more…romantic? and less hilariously genuine, while Tanner became more caring and faithful toward Serena.

    • I so love to get a glimpse into the psyche of the reader as they meet and follow the characters. Thanks so much!

    • This must be cheating, as I’ve had a glimpse of an upcoming book, but Nate is definitely Prince Charming material. He will come to Serena’s rescue any time, no matter where she is. While Tanner – well – it’s his job.

      #TeamNate all the way!!

    • I agree! I likened Nate to a hallmark movie character–almost too good to be true. But I was #teamtanner from the beginning so I might be biased. Haha oh, and I’ve read the 2nd book and still feel that way!

      • Love it! I should mention Lisa went so far as to fly up to see me in Canada to convince me Nate is the one for Serena…or her. 🙂 And the final book is set where she lives. 😉

        • Now that’s dedication. Are you trying to tell me that I shouldn’t read the 3rd book for fear of disappointment?! 😆 Just remember that it’s not the level of passion that determines what’s right and what’s wrong. Haha! 😆

  • I may be the only guy here, but it is a tough choice…..but Nate sounds like a really cool guy, he gets my vote.
    Loved the book, by the way…. had me laughing. Will be posting a review of it for Revell’s book review program

  • Enjoyed this book. Really liked Aunt Martha and her “kidney donor” line when they nab [the perp]*! Now, I’ll weigh in on the love triangle…

    With no provocation, Serena definitely made the first “move” with her “you smell good” comment! That means down deep…… it’s Tanner, and she doesn’t even realize it yet. Speaking from experience….it is an awesome thing to know each other well, and then “BAM” realize you love one another. It makes for a great life together.
    Yeah, it should be Tanner.

    • Oh, I love that observation about Serena’s awareness! I did a minor edit to your nab comment so as not to have a spoiler for anyone reading comments who hasn’t finished the book. I’m so pleased you enjoyed it!

  • Tanner all the way. I mean Nate is a pretty boy and I like him and all but, WOWZER, Tanner is HOT! Tanner makes me think , now that is what a real manly man is supposed to look and act like! I mean he could protect me and my crazy aunt Martha, after all, he is a FBI Agent and carries a gun! Of course Nate didn’t bat an eye when Serena was pointing a block at him. He just grinned at her. He is pretty on the eyes too! You have a really tough decision to make, but I still have to go with Tanner. 😉

  • I’m voting for Tanner. I like his strength of character and sense of humour. He’s a man who could be relied on even when a girl has not yet realized she needs someone to have her back.

  • Just finished reading “A Fool & His Monet”. As to voting, how about a new character? I am not inclined to either Nate or Tanner as a compatible love interest. Nate is hiding something – is really a millionaire trying to come to grips with his wealth? Got that idea from his reaction to Aunt’s choice of movie. To me, Tanner does not seem to have any depth.

  • Tanner all the way! He’s more genuine and makes Serena and readers laugh. Really hope he becomes her man! 🙂

  • Tanner 110%. No contest for Nate. Tanner just seems to have so much more chemistry! I love that he’s her mentor and the person she turns to first. They have a real friendship! And he’s always rescuing her!! And, I think he really loves her. Nate seems too much like a hallmark movie character. No depth. I do enjoy guessing about his secret millionaire crime-fighting life. I can enjoy a well-done love triangle so long as my guy wins out in the end…so I’ll be pretty sad if Tanner loses!! 🙂

    So glad I decided randomly to try a new author–this was exactly what I wanted! A zany, comical, light-hearted mystery with clean but compelling romance! And I’m extra glad that I read book #1 AFTER book #2 came out…I immediately ordered it after I finished A Fool and His Monet! I couldn’t wait!

  • I voted for Tanner last book, and reading the sequel I’m still head-over-heels for him. He’s the perfect one for me- I mean her. She’s always thinking no guy would put up with her schedule, but since Tanner’s FBI too, that wouldn’t be a problem. Nate’s nice an all, but she needs someone who is really able to protect her and understand her- and be as equally cool as she is (sorry, Nate, but FBI beats mysterious millionaire any day). Also, I feel like while Nate does have feelings for her, Tanner’s is deeper. I love Tanner and Serena should too!

  • Still like Tanner over Nate after reading Another Day Another Dali. 🙂
    And Aunt Martha is just WAY too pushy about him – might be a reason to move out and let Aunt Martha have the apartment back.
    A then that little delicacy Aunt Martha prepared ~ Can I just say “Ewwwwwww!!!!!!!!!”
    Can’t wait for book 3 – love the teaser!

      • My mom and aunt were served this when they were visiting my aunt’s in-laws years ago (1968) – they were told it was chicken and after trying were told what it really was.

        My mom said they first thought they were served a bunch of starved chickens that had been way under cooked! Story still gives me an ICKY feeling.

  • Nate, for most of the reasons listed in Team Nate blog. Tanner is her partner, former supervisor, who still comes across as a boss at times. Would make for awkward work relationship.

    • Yes, one of them would have to move to a different squad so they aren’t working together. Sacrifices, sacrifices. 😉

  • I vote for Nate. They have many shared interests, and he really cares for Serena. Tanner is ok but personally, I wouldn’t want to date someone I work with. That would be too much togetherness for me. I can’t help but think feelings would get in the way of their jobs and that could spell trouble.

  • I think more people are voting Nate just because his character isn’t as open as Tanner. Some ladies love a mystery man with money. The rest of us want rugged, protective, and forthright! 😆

  • Why does everyone seem to frown on workplace relationships? After sleeping, work is what we spend most of our lives doing, so one shouldn’t exclude it when looking for a spouse. Is it because of awkwardness if/when you break up? Because my dad says you shouldn’t be doing anything that makes it so you can’t look them in the eye.

    • So sorry I missed moderating your comment for so long, Michelle! For some reason it was sent to spam comments. Thanks for voting!

  • Team Tanner! 🙂 He just seems more down to earth and “real” to me! And the way he teases Serena and pushes her buttons- so fun to read!

  • Debby – definitely Tanner! Love his character. They go together best! (I still can’t get my vote for Tanner to accept)
    Love your books!!!

    • That’s an issue with the third-party app I used I’m afraid, but you’ll be happy to know your pick currently has 71% of the vote. 🙂

  • I just read the first book, and it seems like your favorite is Tanner, and he comes across as a great choice. Nate almost seems to “vanilla,” though is likeable enough to keep me guessing. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  • Who wouldn’t want a great looking, down to earth guy with very expensive art and alarm system in his apt? Aunt Martha insinuated Nate is a millionaire too! The muscle bound guys like Tanner whom I have known break down in their 70’s and get needy. Nate would be steady as a rock! Don’t recall Tanner asking Sandra to the Blues game. Remember her Dad gives the tickets to Tanner. Tanner should have asked Sandra to go with him IF he were really interested.

    • LOL Such great observations. Now, I, Sandra, really wouldn’t have been interested in going to the Blues game with Tanner, but you’re right, he could have asked! 😀 Getting on the good side of the author always helps. And I’m sure Serena would have been interested in going…I think. 😉

  • I’m torn because Tanner seems such a tender/tough guy and handsome to boot. They share their love of solving the cases, but I’m not sure he wants to be her man, maybe just enjoying the relationship they have. I love the mystery of Nate and who he really is. I can see them enjoying a lifetime of shared interests, travel and adventures!

    • I can see you’ve given this a lot of thought. So neat to see. 🙂 Too more books and you’ll find out who she chooses. 🙂 Then…if you like, you can join the private Facebook group I created where readers can talk about the ending and ideas for future books or whatever, without concern for spoilers.

  • Nate, definitely. She needs balance in her life. When she finds out who killed grasndpa, her mommy hormones will kick in and Nate and vshe share many important interests.Besides, even if she continued to be an agent, he would be great to come home to.

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