Faith, Hope and Love

Thank you to all who shared their ideas for my book signing on Friday, and to those who prayed me through it. (For those who don’t follow my FB updates, a dear writing friend had died the night before.)
I’m happy to report that the event was wonderfully attended. My local writing friends came out in full support in Kate’s stead, and I didn’t cry once. I had so much fun meeting new readers who’d read about the event in the newspaper.
Since Mondays are dedicated to character discussions related to Deep Cover, today, I’d like to talk about the dove pictured on the front cover. Fifteen-plus months before the story began, Rick gave Ginny a dove ornament as a reminder that God watches over her. 
It’s a recurring symbol throughout the book. I love how it’s depicted on the cover. How the dove appears in the shaft of light beaming through a break in the stormy clouds. It’s a wonderful picture of how God promises to lead us through the darkness.
In her last days, my friend wore a treasured cross, handed down to her from her mother and her grandmother before that. It was a wonderful symbol of her trusting in God for her eternity.
Because she had no children, she gave the cross to me a few days before she died and asked me to pass it down to my daughter. We were so incredibly touched and honored that she entrusted this precious symbol to our care.
It seems apropos that a post I wrote weeks ago about my friend should be scheduled for today at Hope to Life. It’s a short post about daring to dream, and dedications. I hope you’ll stop by to read it.
Your turn: Do you have a symbol or verse or song or keepsake that reminds you of God’s love when He feels far away?