Fun Friday – The Art of Ironing

Aside from by stepsister in England–love you, Bec–does anyone iron anymore?

I mean I love to have ironed clothes. What I find infernally frustrating is spending so much time ironing a shirt and then having it still end up looking like I didn’t!

Is there an ironing secret I’m missing?

My aforementioned stepsister assured me that starch was the answer, but it’s just not doing the trick for me.

Okay, the tin is a little rusty on the bottom because it’s the same tin I bought for Bec’s visit from across the pond two and a half years ago. Has it really been that long?

Clearly, I haven’t given the starch suggestion a fair shake …thanks to seersucker and those other wrinkly-style clothes. ~grin~

But seriously, there’s got to be some secret I’m missing.

And I’m desperate, because now that I have one of these new-fangled condensing dryers instead of the traditional air type, my hubby’s T-shirts are more wrinkled than ever.

Ooh, there’s got to be a conflict in this for my heroine somewhere! Gotta go write!!

Your Turn: Any tips on ironing to share? What’s your biggest housekeeping pet peeve?