Fun Friday – The Art of Ironing

Aside from by stepsister in England–love you, Bec–does anyone iron anymore?

I mean I love to have ironed clothes. What I find infernally frustrating is spending so much time ironing a shirt and then having it still end up looking like I didn’t!

Is there an ironing secret I’m missing?

My aforementioned stepsister assured me that starch was the answer, but it’s just not doing the trick for me.

Okay, the tin is a little rusty on the bottom because it’s the same tin I bought for Bec’s visit from across the pond two and a half years ago. Has it really been that long?

Clearly, I haven’t given the starch suggestion a fair shake …thanks to seersucker and those other wrinkly-style clothes. ~grin~

But seriously, there’s got to be some secret I’m missing.

And I’m desperate, because now that I have one of these new-fangled condensing dryers instead of the traditional air type, my hubby’s T-shirts are more wrinkled than ever.

Ooh, there’s got to be a conflict in this for my heroine somewhere! Gotta go write!!

Your Turn: Any tips on ironing to share? What’s your biggest housekeeping pet peeve?


  • You might try not drying his shirts at all, that is in the dryer….lol. Just hang them up, outside if possible and let nature take care of the drying and the ironing!

  • Haha, I have no tips. I’ve ironed probably two times in my life. 🙂 But good luck. My biggest housekeeping pet peeve…hmm…unloading the dishwasher. Shouldn’t annoy me so much…but it does! 🙂 My dream is to marry a wealthy man who will hire us a housekeeper.

  • Oh dear…I iron because most of my clothes are cotton. I just steam away while I watch the news or something. It works great..until I wear the shirt for like ten minutes!!!!

    I think you need a maid, Sandra and make her do the laundry and then you can dock her pay if the clothes are still wrinkled. LOL.

    Hey, that would give you a new angle on a suspense. Is the heroine a long suffering maid accused of killing her cantankerous employer? Or maybe she sees something she shouldn’t in the house and suddenly her life is in peril. Or the slob guy she’s cleaning house for is in law enforcement. He’s been undercover but the bad guys have found out and they’re staking out his house. When the see poor hapless maid heroine they mistake her for his girlfriend and kidnap her. Or threaten her life if he doesn’t help them. Or the bad guys think he’s still one of them and stumble upon the maid at his house and decide she has to join up with them because she knows who they are now and poor cop guy can’t break his cover so he ends up having to go along with the ruse.Or maybe there’s a grisly murder at one of the houses the heroine cleans. The implement of torture? An iron. And she discovers the body! Bwaaahhhhaaaaa. Thanks for keeping me company at lunch!

    • Oh, wow, I need you on speed dial for when I’m stuck in the middle of my manuscript, you’re brimming with great ideas! I can’t get the image of an iron burn on the bad guy’s forehead out of my head, now, because of course, the heroine will be ironing when he arrives and she’ll have to defend herself with whatever’s on hand!

  • I actually iron pretty often–and other than when my back starts hurting, I don’t mind ironing a bit! So if you ever decide to relocate from Canada to Georgia, I’ll be happy to help with your ironing *grin*. Hugs, Patti Jo

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