Happy Labor Day!!

Happy Labor/Labour Day to my American and Canadian readers, and…

Happy Australian Flag Day to my Aussie readers…

Hope you’re enjoying the holiday.

I guess the Brits had their last summer bank holiday last week.

Your Turn: Ever wonder why it’s called Labor Day when it’s a day OFF work? Any other countries have holidays today?


  • So you’re thinking it should be Un-labour Day? Or maybe Sloth Day? LOL. All I know is that it’s a welcome holiday for this labourer. And yes, I’ve only been back for a week but oy what a week!!!!! I guess the meaning behind the name is that it’s a day for the labourer. Wonder if it used to be called Labourer’s Day and got chopped down over time? Whatever it’s called, hope you enjoy it! Oh — and guess what I ordered from Harlequin yesterday? 🙂

  • This has been an unusual Labor Day weekend for me. Usually I go with my husband and his mom and sister (with all of her brood) to enjoy a leisurely couple of days visiting favorite haunts (Fred’s for catfish in Mountain Home Arkansas, for one), and floating on the river (North fork of the White River in southern Missouri). However, an obligation kept me home this weekend so I was unable to go. Our oldest daughter attends a Mennonite College (Bethel College) and since the school is private, they do NOT acknowledge the holiday, even though it is a national one. Professors actually schedule quizzes to make sure students attend, and reading assignments and homework are assigned to assure the students do NOT have a fun weekend! Rather odd.

    Hubby and I both work for a local hospital, so holidays are frequently celebrated on different days than they are marked on the calendar at our house!

Great to "see" you here today! I look forward to reading your comment.