Happy Labor Day

Or as we say in Canada, Labour Day. 😉 

I waved my youngest kiddos off on their adventure of a lifetime trip to Australia last Friday, which means…


hubby and I have the whole house to ourselves for awhile.  😆

I’m seeing a lot of Kraft Dinner in our future, as I dig into finishing my next two books. They’ve been a tad neglected the last couple of weeks with all the preparation flurry!

If I don’t get lots written now, I’ll have no one to blame but myself. Scary thought!

Your Turn: What are your plans for the day? Is it even a holiday for you?!


Tuesday, I’ll be on the Craftie Ladies Blog sharing more house stories–no icky creatures in these ones. Hope you’ll stop by and say hi!

M,W & Th Marjii Laine is featuring me on her blog, a review Monday, an interview Weds, and a devotion Thurs

Friday I’m doing an interview and giveaway on Everyone’s Story (starts Friday night)


Fatal Inheritance may still be in retail stores for a few more days this week. If you spot it, please consider rescuing it from annihilation!! Would fit nicely into a Christmas stocking, don’t you think? 😉

Happy Labor Day!!

Happy Labor/Labour Day to my American and Canadian readers, and…

Happy Australian Flag Day to my Aussie readers…

Hope you’re enjoying the holiday.

I guess the Brits had their last summer bank holiday last week.

Your Turn: Ever wonder why it’s called Labor Day when it’s a day OFF work? Any other countries have holidays today?