Have you ever noticed how people tend to watch babies?
I mean sit and stare at them, waiting for them to do something cute. I caught myself doing this to my six-month-old grand daughter this week and wondered how she felt about always being stared at.
After all if I sat in the living room and stared at my hubby or daughter that way, they’d get downright fidgety. In less than a minute, they’d be swiping at their noses, thinking they had something on their face, saying, “What? What?” 
Think about it. It’s a wonder babies don’t get a complex from how people stare at them!

But I’ve decided that baby-watching is incredibly therapeutic…watching happy babies, anyways.
The experts say that smiling and laughing are good for your health. And when a baby smiles, who can help but smile back?
And when they laugh, I mean really belly laugh at the silliest of things, I defy anyone to hold back a chuckle. 
So… when my uncooperative story has me pulling out my hair trying to figure out how to make it behave… which seems to be daily these days… I drop in on my daughter and get a baby-fix!!
Your turn: What do you do to help pick yourself up when you’re feeling out of sorts?