Have you ever noticed how people tend to watch babies?
I mean sit and stare at them, waiting for them to do something cute. I caught myself doing this to my six-month-old grand daughter this week and wondered how she felt about always being stared at.
After all if I sat in the living room and stared at my hubby or daughter that way, they’d get downright fidgety. In less than a minute, they’d be swiping at their noses, thinking they had something on their face, saying, “What? What?” 
Think about it. It’s a wonder babies don’t get a complex from how people stare at them!

But I’ve decided that baby-watching is incredibly therapeutic…watching happy babies, anyways.
The experts say that smiling and laughing are good for your health. And when a baby smiles, who can help but smile back?
And when they laugh, I mean really belly laugh at the silliest of things, I defy anyone to hold back a chuckle. 
So… when my uncooperative story has me pulling out my hair trying to figure out how to make it behave… which seems to be daily these days… I drop in on my daughter and get a baby-fix!!
Your turn: What do you do to help pick yourself up when you’re feeling out of sorts?


  • Hmmmm…goofy dogs come close to giggling babies and are usually good for a laugh — even if it is at my expense. I mean really, shredding a box of kleenex and making a nest in the middle of my bed? And then trying to hide under the shredded kleenex so I won’t know he’s there. Duh, Simba!!!!

  • Oh, that’s funny. We crate our pup when we go out, because she chews everything. Last week, we come home from church and my running shoes are lying in the middle of the floor and so’s her bone. I go to the crate and she’s lying there trying to look innocent with the door half open. Like I’d believe she’d never left. LOL

  • Oh, what a great idea!!! I must try this with someone who has a baby!! My grands are 500 miles away, unfortunately.

    If I’m upset, scooping up a cat and petting him calms me. Especially if he purrs and puts his paws on my face to ‘hug’ me.

  • I love watching babies and children smile. It comes to them so naturally and not forced.

    As the old saying goes, “smile and the whole world smiles with you”.

    Have a great weekend.

  • Thank you, Loree, and isn’t that so true? When I go on my morning walks, I try to smile at the drivers driving by. I can’t always see through the windows that well, but I always hope the smile will brighten someone’s day.

    Jen, you and my daughter are akin. Her cat does the same thing!

  • We are retired; live in the counry…kids grown so each morning I have enjoyed looking out windows at the hummingbirds….we had them about 6 months this season, and they were so entertaining. However, now they have migrated….guess I will have to watch the deer!

  • If it’s writing related “out of sorts”, to be honest I procrastinate bad, usually. Then a really good book falls into my hands, I read it, and it gets me back into working on mine. I’m all about proving myself — just wish I’d so a lot faster!!

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