Fun Friday – My Hero… swoon

My husband is a real-life hero, and I’m not just saying that because I’m married to him and I’m a romance writer and that’s what romance writers tend to say about their hubbies. Mine really is! 

He proved it the day my daughter’s long-dreamed-of horse arrived at our home. She was older and bomb-proof…we were told. 

Well-trained, we were told. 

Gentle, we were told. 

Well, my daughter was suddenly a little shy about riding her so I volunteered to take the maiden voyage. 


Dearest hubby gave me a boost up and I held onto Dancer’s mane and urged her to walk on. 

Come to think of it, the horse’s name should’ve been the first clue that I was in trouble. 

She pranced a little jig and the next thing I knew she was bucking for joy. 

One… I bounced about a foot off her back. 

Two… I bounced a little higher. 

Three… I knew it was time to pull up my legs and bail. But I didn’t have to. Dancer sent me sailing through the air. 

Hero hubby saw it coming and caught me. Yes, caught me! Ahhh!

Is it any wonder I write romance? 

Your turn: What’s the most romantic or heroic or fun thing a guy has ever done for you? If you can’t think of one, what do you dream of “your hero” doing for you?