Fun Friday – My Hero… swoon

My husband is a real-life hero, and I’m not just saying that because I’m married to him and I’m a romance writer and that’s what romance writers tend to say about their hubbies. Mine really is! 

He proved it the day my daughter’s long-dreamed-of horse arrived at our home. She was older and bomb-proof…we were told. 

Well-trained, we were told. 

Gentle, we were told. 

Well, my daughter was suddenly a little shy about riding her so I volunteered to take the maiden voyage. 


Dearest hubby gave me a boost up and I held onto Dancer’s mane and urged her to walk on. 

Come to think of it, the horse’s name should’ve been the first clue that I was in trouble. 

She pranced a little jig and the next thing I knew she was bucking for joy. 

One… I bounced about a foot off her back. 

Two… I bounced a little higher. 

Three… I knew it was time to pull up my legs and bail. But I didn’t have to. Dancer sent me sailing through the air. 

Hero hubby saw it coming and caught me. Yes, caught me! Ahhh!

Is it any wonder I write romance? 

Your turn: What’s the most romantic or heroic or fun thing a guy has ever done for you? If you can’t think of one, what do you dream of “your hero” doing for you?


  • Love this story. I’ll have to get my girls to read it! They’ll be dreaming of their nights in shining armour for sure after this.

    Our Donner has bucked each of them off before we realized he’d outgrown his saddle. Guess it was pinching him. Since fitting him he’s never bucked since.

    So I have to ask, how did your daughter ever get on Dancer after seeing you fly off?

  • Yes, Jackie, now I only ride with my daughter leading the horse by a lead line…and wearing a saddle!

    LOL, Eileen. I asked my daughter that question. She says, she never thought about it. I “apparently” hopped on her back while she was eating, and “spooked” her. -eye roll- But, as I recall, my daughter always rode with a really good bit after that! Now daughter # 2 who now owns the horse…she’s fallen off and had the horse roll on her and she’s still not phased.

    Enough to wear out a mother’s knees!

  • My husband proposed to me in a knight-in-shining-armour costume, in front of my entire extended family (about 125 people) He got down on one knee & asked me in old English language if I would accept his offer of marriage. It was awesome! Of course, I consented (among some tears) It’s been 22 yrs. since that happened & life with him is a wonderful adventure.

  • Lovin’ these real-life romantical stories! I’m impressed that your husband caught you, Sandra. Why haven’t you written that into a book yet?!

    Marjie’s knight-in-shining-armor!!!! Slip the fainiting couch under me now please!!!!

    Alas I have no such romantical stories. Now if you wanted non-romance I could give it to you in spades! LOL

  • Amazing, Sandra! I had to laugh at Kav’s question though–about putting it in a book. I laughed because it would probably get cut, the editor saying it’s not realistic! LOL

    Love this story. I guess my most romantic moment was when he proposed–right in the spot where we met (by a water fountain in the church’s youth center) and on our one year anniversary of dating. 🙂

  • Oh, wow, Missy, a guy who remembers anniversaries of first dates! He’s a keeper for sure. 🙂

    Of course, I should talk…I don’t remember mine, but I do remember the first day he (my hubby-to-be) gave me a ride home…before our first date. He asked me to marry him 2 months and 2 weeks later…now that sounds like one of our romance novels. 🙂

    But yes, my editor has had me cut a couple of things because they seemed unrealistic. Yet, they’d actually happened to friends! LOL

  • Truth is stranger than fiction! 🙂

    Two months and two weeks. Wow. I’m amazed! And yes, that’s about like one of my books! (or maybe more like one month in my books). 🙂

  • Now when you write about this you will know exactly what it feels like to fly through the air! 🙂

    And Dancer’s name is perfect!

    And I’ve been a spectator at one of those knight-in-shining-armor proposals. A whole parade of costumed people riding in to be a part of it. SO COOL!

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