Nope not the movie.

I’ve got the real thing. And wow, is it ever hard to get anything done. 

With less than six weeks until my book three deadline, I’m hoping this won’t last. Seems to be connected to a combination of sinus and ear issues. 

I’ve even tried the Epley maneuver, hoping for a quick fix. That’s a canalith repositioning procedure that works by moving rogue calcium crystals out of the sensing tubes and into another chamber of the inner ear, where they’re safely reabsorbed. 

 Jimmy Stewart seems to be trying it on his wife in the movie by the same name. Hmm… maybe there’s a book idea in this. 

I wish you all a happy Wednesday!

Your turn: Any ailments you’ve thought would be intriguing for an author to give a hero or heroine? Or one that an author has used that you thought interesting?


  • So sorry to hear about your vertigo. If it gets worse, go to the doctor.

    My daughter had vertigo, and it was so bad that it incapacitated her for a week. She had to go to the ear doc. He could tell by her eyes when she looked to the right (i guess they twitched uncontrollably) that it was a virus in her ear.

    She did have and mri just to make sure that it wasn’t a tumor or something. It wasn’t.

    He gave her steroids for a week and that worked quickly. Try ginger tea or gum for nausea.

    Feel better!

  • Thanks Jessica and Loree, I have an appt scheduled with an ENT doc, but not until mid-December. Wait times in Canada can be very frustrating. I do wonder if there’s a virus going around though because someone else I know said he had a couple of dizzy spells yesterday and we’re socked in with a LP system which doesn’t help for headaches. Let’s pray it’s not a tumor. Yikes! I’m a suspense writer so my mind goes more to…who tainted my tea? LOL Oh, no, Don’t laugh…No sudden movements!

Great to "see" you here today! I look forward to reading your comment.