Nope not the movie.

I’ve got the real thing. And wow, is it ever hard to get anything done. 

With less than six weeks until my book three deadline, I’m hoping this won’t last. Seems to be connected to a combination of sinus and ear issues. 

I’ve even tried the Epley maneuver, hoping for a quick fix. That’s a canalith repositioning procedure that works by moving rogue calcium crystals out of the sensing tubes and into another chamber of the inner ear, where they’re safely reabsorbed. 

 Jimmy Stewart seems to be trying it on his wife in the movie by the same name. Hmm… maybe there’s a book idea in this. 

I wish you all a happy Wednesday!

Your turn: Any ailments you’ve thought would be intriguing for an author to give a hero or heroine? Or one that an author has used that you thought interesting?