Fun Friday – When Truth is Stranger than Fiction

I like to watch people when I’m traveling. It’s a wonderful opportunity to gain character ideas.

I struck gold on my flight home from the ACFW conference this past Sunday.

When the plane stopped, a six foot, broad-shouldered guy sitting in the seat in front of me jumped into the narrow aisle and began tugging his carry-on luggage out of the overhead compartment.

At the same time, the woman across the aisle from him rose to retrieve her bag.

The next thing we know she’s gasping for air!

The man’s shoulder has her face pinned to the overhead compartment. I’m talking her cheek smushed against the plastic, her body shoved halfway underneath.

And he doesn’t realize it!

Neither does her husband who is still in his seat texting on his cell phone!!

My seatmate laughed so hard she cried. (After the woman was unpinned, of course. Then we were wishing we’d gotten it on video!)

This is definitely proof that broad-shouldered men do not necessarily a hero make. 😀

Your Turn: Have you witnessed an unbelievably bizarre or comedic moment?


  • Yeah, I can picture it becoming a comedy act. It was priceless. BTW, Jackie you’re the “name the LI authors” winner. 🙂 I’ll email you about the prize and be posting all the names tomorrow.

  • You had me laughing all over again, Sandra. I’ve only laughed like that (at someone else’s expense) once before in my life.

    When I was on a work term in TO years ago I used the public transit. It was winter–and one very snowy day. I remember sitting in the window seat (right hand side) and wondering why on earth a woman who stood at the next stop wore plastic bags over her shoes. Seriously, she had them tied at her ankles with elastic bands. This is Canada in the middle of January! Hello!!! Wear some boots, lady.

    No kidding, as I turn in disgust thinking this lady is nuts, I hear this Ooooooh oooooh scream come from the loading step area followed by a splash. I crane my neck to see what’s happened and there the bagged foot lady laying in the slushy mess at the curb.

    I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING!! TEARS came down and the few others who were on the bus already looked at me like I was some kind of freak. I still laugh hysterically every time I think of that story. And, yes, it popped into my mind on the plane as the poor woman’s contorted face came into view.

    I’m bad. I know!

  • Oh Eileen, that is funny! I can just picture the whole scene. It’d make a great scene in a chick-lit type movie. Especially if she’s the annoying boss lady. LOL
    But in real life I hope someone helped the poor woman!! 🙂

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