We celebrated my daughter’s 19th birthday this past week.

In one more year, I won’t have any teenagers left in my house, and I’m kind of sad about that. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my kids’ teen years.

Of course, my eat-everything-in-sight puppy will likely have graduated to the teenager stage by then!

Ugh, she’s already baying come-hithers to all the local coyotes.

But I digress.

We’ve enjoyed a few fun milestones this past year, starting with the birth of our first grandchild. Children milestones come fast and furious…first smile, first belly laugh, first tooth, first word…

I’m still trying to coax my grand daughter to say that all-important “Nana”. According to my baby book, I said it at 7 months so I’m thinking it’ll happen any day now!!!

Of course, the release of my debut novel was a huge personal milestone for me this year. Next year I’m looking forward to another biggie–our 25th wedding anniversary!

We still haven’t decided how to celebrate that one. Any suggestions?

Your Turn: Have you celebrated any milestones recently? How do you celebrate important milestones?

P.S. Please join me Monday, for my daughter’s insightful guest post on what’s in a name. Whether you’re a writer or a reader or an expectant mom, it’ll make you look at names in a whole new light!


  • Congrats on all of your milestones, Sandra! What a year of blessings for you.

    Hawaii!!! Hubby and I are coming up on a milestone year, and we are thinking – Hawaii to celebrate. I’ve never been there.

  • Enjoyed this post, Sandra, and Congratulations on ALL those milestones! A belated Happy Birthday to your 19-year-old daughter too! ~ In my humble opionion, I think you and hubby should plan a trip down South–yes, to Georgia (LOL)–specifically MY little town! (doesn’t sound very romantic, I know)–but we ARE convenient to the airport and lots of interesting places. 🙂 Just a thought! Hugs, Patti Jo

  • p.s. OOPS! I should know better than to be at my computer BEFORE having any coffee! Yikes! Just realized I spelled “opinion” incorrectly in my previous post–sorry (blushing as I head for my coffee pot…). Hugs, PJ

  • Congrats, Sandra, on your book, grandbaby, and all! I totally agree with Patti Jo….you should come to Georgia!!! I think I am within 100 miles of her! Now I am off to get my coffee! Have a blessed weekend!

  • Thanks so much, Loree, Patti Jo, and Jackie. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii 🙂 But some of our best holidays have been visiting welcoming friends, so Georgia sounds very inviting. 🙂

  • Oh, you have some biggies here–congratulations!

    This is small in comparison, but I went wild when I found an iris in bloom in my flower bed yesterday!!! We live in Cental Illinois, so this is indeed a milestone.

    Thanks for asking, honey.

  • Many Happy Birthdays to Jen! I did think of her this week 🙂
    Perhaps a cruise for your anniversary? We will be celebrating 25 years in 2014. I’m voting for a cruise…lol

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