Been thinking about Phases…

Do ever go through phases of doing things?

My Christmas decorations are a pictorial record of many of my “craft” phases.

There was the “needlepoint phase”

The cross-stitch phase

The applique phase

The painting phase

Not to mention, the dried flower arranging phase, the knitting phase, the crocheting phase, and probably a few more I’ve long forgotten.

My writing has gone through phases, too. The write-the-story-with-no-understanding-of-story-craft phase, the learning-to-craft-a-publishable-story phase, the edit-like-crazy phase, and on and on.

I’m thrilled to finally be in the writing-for-publication phase. And I plan to persevere so… hopefully, this phase proves to not be a phase at all!

Your Turn: What are some of the phases in your life or hobbies that you have fond memories of, or… are happy to be done?


  • I admire your talents, Sandra! Reminds me of my Mom, who went from one hobby to another (in her 92 yrs.) I wondered if ’cause in her hair salon (operated ’til 87yo) she wanted to do things her customers did?! lol She did macrame, crochet/knit, ceramics, cake decorating, sewing, jewelry shows, make up shows, etc.! I miss her! My hobby is mostly computer stuff/reading!!!

  • Wow, you are multi-talented. And I’m certain that your published writing phase is here to stay!!!

    Let’s see, I’ve always been in a writing phase of something or other. And gardening…though I went through a phase of gardening my own vegetables and canning them. I always had enough for the whole winter. That was fun.

    I did go through a crafty glue-gun phase. LOL. No one was safe when I was armed — including my dogs! And did cross-stitch too and needlepoint. And crazy furniture painting. I’d still be in that phase if I had the time for it!

    The phase I’m still hoping to enjoy is knitting. I’ve never been able to learn how and believe me, many have tried to teach me!!!!

  • Oh, Kav, yes!!! The glue gun phase. What fun 🙂 Good luck with the knitting. It’s a great hobby for those long bus rides. And of course, I love your humorous writing. 🙂

  • Right now I am in the sleepless nights stage of life. Just when one baby starts sleeping through the night, the next one came along. I am pretty sure I will never get a good nights rest again. 🙂

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