Fun Friday – First Booksigning Today…what was I thinking?!

Unless this is your first visit to my blog, you’ve probably already figured out that I got a little exuberant when planning a blog tour to promote my debut release. Forty-five plus stops in total…but who’s counting?

Well, probably you if you’ve already seen me pop up on several of your regular blog destinations!

Today, alone, I’m on four. And if I was smart, I’d be posting something exceptionally witty to entice all the visitors popping over from them to return–hey, I can dream!

But alas, I have my first-ever book signing tonight.

A three hour long book signing!

What was I thinking?

I’ve seen the odd book signing at a store, the authors sitting there looking a tad forlorn as shoppers give them a wide berth.

For THREE hours. Ugh!

I knew there was a reason I shouldn’t have given my relatives free copies. At least I could’ve counted on them showing up, arms a little red from being twisted.

I’m thinking that my pretty face, holding up a copy of the book isn’t going to cut it. And my husband’s no help. I begged him to drive me, which he will. But then he said, what am I supposed to do for three hours?! I can only drink so much coffee. The signing is in Chapters with an adjacent Starbucks. Thank you, Lord!

So I sought encouragement from a few seasoned authors. And here are the top 5 suggestions: 

1) Have chocolate on the table, lots of it.   …Check
2) Don’t do book signings.   …Next
3) Offer a door prize     …Check
4) Cajole a really good-looking guy to sit at the table with you.     …Hmm, hubby will be in Starbucks…no, better not
5) Chocolate     …Okay, so they weren’t all that encouraging!

Then I started thinking, what if people do come? How should I sign the books?  

I was once asked by an author whose book I won how I’d like her to sign it. I immediately said, “To my best friend, Sandra, …” And she did! It’s still my favorite signed copy.

But from the practice run I had at my neighbor’s birthday party (because she’s super-sweet and gave a copy of Deep Cover to each guest as a party favor!!), only one out of ten people had a suggestion. To the rest I wrote, “Hope you enjoy the book.”

You’d think a writer could do better than that!

Your Turn: I’m appealing to you, my dear blog readers, to give me some ideas. How would you like an author to sign a copy of her book for you?

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  • I like the times when authors have a short line they write with their signature, and I’m sure it’s the same line for everyone unless they ask for something different. You can even do that ahead of time (in anticipation of a huge line…) and then personalize as requested.

    Is there a brief wish or prayer you could use that relates to the book’s theme? Or some writers use a Scripture.

  • Rushing, rushing, rushing, but I wanted to say good luck…and you need to pace yourself. I’d bring your pup as a visual aid. If she was the herding type like mine, it would herd shoppers over to your table. 🙂

  • I’m so late to everything today. But you will have other signings, right? So I’ll give my input here. I think each book ought to have it’s own special phrase in the signing–something related to the story itself. Maybe your favorite line in the story. Or, something comical like for Deep Cover one may be, “May you never be locked in a basement.” The purchaser might look at you like your nuts, but once they read it, they’ll know why you wrote it and will smile for hours afterward.

  • Oh, Eileen, I love that idea. I met your sister. I recognized her as soon as she came in but couldn’t place her, and then I realized it was because of the family resemblance. 😀

    Yay! the signing was well attended and lots of fun, and the chocolate hardly got touched. LOL

  • Eileen, what great advice. I’m still waiting for my copy of Deep Cover to ship from Chapters, and am now very intrigued about the basement…

    A side benefit to writing something a bit cryptic is people will put this book higher on their reading pile because they’re curious.

  • so funny! this reminds me of my drummer son telling me, in awe , that kids were wanting his autograph after
    a concert or gig & wanting to know what he should write!
    i’m sure you worked it out since it’s now after the fact …

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