Fun Friday – How I’m Making My Pup’s Top 7 “Menu” Items Work For Me

1) Plastic Flower Pots – Don’t ask me where my pup keeps finding these. But I’m thinking that the zigzag chew marks around the top will appeal to eclectic collectors. E-Bay auction here I come!

2) Rubber Boots – Around here rubber boots are worn to muck out the farm animals. Dog eats your boots…Someone else will have to do the mucking out. I’m thinking Win-Win. Dog’s happy. I’m happy.

3 Cucumbers – Yes, fresh from the garden, vine-and-all cucumbers. I must admit this one miffed me at first. After all, I enjoy a good cucumber. But…no half bushel of cukes means no obligation to spend hours canning relish and pickles. It works for me!

4) Sofas – Yes, what pup doesn’t like to gnaw on a good sofa? The thing is old, old, old anyway. What better excuse do we need to replace it? Word of advice: wait until pup outgrows chewing phase.

5) Miscellaneous Tools – Maybe the man in your life will start putting them away instead of leaving them lying about. A cause for celebration…okay, if he doesn’t send the dog packing first!

6) Wood – Sure that cord of wood was supposed to be for cosy fires in the dead of winter, but we can always use the bits of wood for kindling…or garden mulch!

7) Remote Control – Clearly the dog is trying to tell us that the time has come for a new T.V. The analog receiver on that old TV doesn’t work anymore, anyway. And all the shows appear as a narrow band across the middle. The pup did us a favor! Or…maybe she’s telling us we need to spend more time walking than watching!

Fridays are my days for fun posts about the “characters” in my life and at large. Lately, our young pup is the biggest character in our lives and rich fodder for blog posts!

And yes, that is something new she’s found to chew–an eavestrough end cap and down spout strap. Ugh! No wait a minute…I’m thinking scrap aluminum prices are up these days. We’re good.

Moral of this story:
Look for the silver lining in the trials of your day. And if all else fails. Laugh about it.

Your turn: Got a story to share?


  • LOL — love your attitude, Sandra! Way too funny! I’ll tell you what the secret to solving chewing puppy problems though. Get two at the same time. They chew on each other and leave your stuff alone…for the most part.

    I had a sheltie, Elsie — lovely bi-black sweetie with such a personality. She had a penchant for tomatoes. She’d lunge into the veggie patch and roote around like a pig inhaling tomatoes in any condition. She’d eat the vine and everything if left unattended. Little brat.

  • Oh Kav, my hubby suggested that but aaah two dogs?! I think Elsie and Bella would have been great pals. 🙂

    Eileen, I don’t think my hubby’s learned just yet. He and my son left their kayak sneakers on the porch for several days…days…who could blame her for finally giving into temptation this morning!

    Lisa, did I mention we have a goat too? LOL!

    I’ve posted a pic of my one of a kind flower pot collection. Bidding starts at one dollar. Do I hear a dollar?

  • She’s adorable! I do like #5!

    I have two dogs and learned a trick. I was told by the greyhound people to buy the big white knuckle bones. Not the flavored ones…not the uncooked…but the dry white ones only – no slimy mess. I buy them once a month (I can only find them at a certain pet store) and both the collie and the greyhound love them.

    It stopped the chewing on my house and garden.

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