Taking a Break…

After much soul-searching this past weekend, I’ve decided to take a three-month break from blogging. I’d planned to do that from June to August, but am shifting it to be from now to the end of July.

I have a couple of novels I’m working on that require a lot of research and focus, and I’m finding that switching mental gears to write blog posts is proving to be too distracting to the productivity schedule I need to keep to be able to take time off to enjoy our 25th anniversary special vacation this summer.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to post updates to my Facebook page. The link is on the top right hand bar. I often post links to free Ebooks on my FB page, as well.

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Your Turn: What are your summer plans? Do you spend more or less time reading blogs through the summer? What are your favorite kinds of posts to read?

Let’s chat about the above questions…and then I hope I’ll see you all back here in August! I have so enjoyed our time together. Have a fabulous few months. God bless.


  • Have a wonderful Alaskan cruise, Sandra! My plans for the summer are still up in the air. I am hoping to attend the SCBWI Conference in L.A. in August, we’ll see. Take care, and have fun!

  • Good for you, Sandra! We all need a break sometimes. Congrats on your success!

    I just finished Jessica’s book, and I am just about to start your, Shades of Truth. Can’t wait.

    I remember the love boat! Have an awesome time on your cruise!

    Keep in touch.

  • Oooooohhhhhhhh! Lots of scope for the imagination in an Alaskan cruise. Just don’t talk out loud to your husband about the best way to kill someone on a cruise ship!!!!!!

    Good for you for prioritizing your time. And congrats on being short-listed!

    Sigh — both conferences are at terrible times for someone who works in Ontario schools. I guess they have the conferences on then so people with children will still have their kids in school and free them up some. Not that I have tons of money to go to either.

    My summer will be spent wrestling my garden into submission and working part-time. No rest for the wicked! 🙂

    • LOL, Kav, definitely don’t want to be overheard talking about killing someone. The captain will confine us to quarters! Okay, well, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad. We do have a balcony. 🙂

      I think you’re right about the conference scheduling. It used to work for high school students to come to W!Canada, but with the new way exams are, they don’t get out in time either.

      I hope you have a wonderful summer. I’m sure your garden will be great! Just give those weeds a “wicked” scowl and they’ll wither on the spot. 🙂

  • Sandra, I will MISS you!!! I do understand though and hope you have a great time. I don’t do FB so will just wait for your return here!!
    I finished Shades of Truth and loved it….already in our church library!!
    Keep safe!

  • I am the same way, I get very distracted from actual progess when I time-out to read blogs. With babies, spare time is such a precious comodity. Good for you for taking some time off. I do it all the time 🙂 Have an awesome summer! See you in September!

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