We’re Talking Character

Okay, so this blog is about characters… And I have a real one in my house. 
The dog. 
She’s graduated from ripping apart rubber boots to gnawing on my hubcaps! 
Now, in fairness to the poor puppy, it’s not as if she ripped them off my car. 
If she had I’d be signing her up for the next movie spoof on street crime in Harlem.
No, she snatched them from the garage. But really…what was my son thinking not putting them back on the car when he changed out the snow tires?
We’re talking puppy here. And well…hubcaps they look like giant Frisbees. Don’t you think?
She apparently thinks they’re the greatest thing since—well—rubber boots.
Now, I know what you’re thinking. Hubcaps are metal. How much damage could one little puppy do? I mean she’s so sweet she flops over dead if you so much as say bang— unless you don’t have a visible treat, then she moans a lot on the way down. Come to think of it, maybe the movies is where she really needs to be…
But back to my hubcaps. Did you know hubcaps have these little plastic tabs that hold them in place. Plastic! What teething pup could resist plastic?
I must say to her credit that as soon as you tell her not to chew something, she stops and won’t do it again. She has lots of perfectly sound chew toys to prove it. My mistake was in only telling her not to chew hubcap number one!
Your turn: What’s the funniest, cutest or most annoying thing your pet has ever done? Click on “Comments” to share.



  • Hilarious. We have a couple of ‘characters’ in our house too. A spring spaniel by the name of Zeke who has the mentally of a 23 year old. And a cat named Scottie who’s intent is to take over the bed each night.

  • Hmm, a 23 year old mentality, or a 3 year-old? Now, you’ve got me worried, because I have kids coming up on that age! I keep promising dh, that my pup will outgrow this phase…

  • Sandra, congratulations on launching your blog!

    What’s the puppy’s name? I live in a cat-ruled household. When Lucky and Higgins were still with us and in their prime they enjoyed making the bed with me: flip a bed sheet up to spread it and envision one cat dodging under the fluttering sheet and the other springing on top. Seems like it took forever . . . I just hope they’re happily making lots of beds in heaven.

  • I enjoyed reading about your puppy’s “hubcap habit” Sandra! How funny (well, to your readers…maybe not to YOU!). ~ Our pets certainly behave like children sometimes, that’s for certain. When I arrive home from the grocery store, several of my kitties always come running into the kitchen to see what I brought home. They’re so funny because they really remind me of young children asking “What’d you bring us?” (and I’ll admit—I always buy cat food when I go to the store!). Now that my human children are grown, my “furry children” keep me busy—but I cannot imagine my life WITHOUT cats! ~ Thanks for sharing this post. Hugs, Patti Jo 🙂

  • Hi Sandra. I love reading about pets. We have a 3 year-old terrier who runs our house. Our mistake was getting a dog that’s smarter than we are! We are trying desperately to teach him that the bed is off limits – HE WILL NOT SLEEP WITH US! (Have you ever noticed how a little dog can take up most of a queen sized bed and have you hanging onto the edge for dear life? Well, we have finally trained him to go to sleep in his own bed. Or so we thought…now he just waits until we go to sleep, jumps up, and snuggles in the middle. Really, it saves everyone a lot of aggravation. We go to sleep without the dog in the bed, and he still gets to sleep in the middle! 🙂

  • Oh, I’m loving all these stories…Thanks for sharing Patti, Sherri–I can just picture your dog nosing each of you off either side of the bed 🙂 And Eileen, it’s good to hear I’m not alone in the shoe eating department! Has to be something about that leather. LOL

  • LOL, loved the puppy story! I’ve had dogs most of my life…four of them have been shelties and all of them have been waaayyy too smart for their own good.

    Right now I just have one, Simba, who is an older gentleman with a keen interest in my telephone. I have the kind of set that cradles the phone part but also takes messages.

    I’ve just discovered that my lonely man plays my new messages back during the day so when I come home and don’t find a flashing light, I think I don’t have any new messages. Which explains the peeved family and friends who are wondering why I am avoiding them!

    Hey — just got my eharlequin order and your book was in the box!!!!

  • Love your blog!
    Answer to question: Well one of many. One was when my duck came through the doggie door in the kitchen and found himself in our livingroom, much to our shock.
    It was a rush trying to get him back outside before he left behind his calling card.

  • Oh, wow, all you guys are sharing such great stories, Visions of quirky pets for my next heroine are parading through my mind!
    Kav, Simba sounds adorable. Can she star in my next book?! That’s way too cute a quirk to pass up. Hope you enjoy Deep Cover. Thanks so much for ordering it!

    Shirley, a duck coming in the doggie door is another gotta-use-in-a-book story! That is so funny. I’m picturing a duck in your next heroine’s future… What do you think? Thanks for sharing.

  • Our Bogey put puppy love into character. When the neighbor dog’s battery died in her electronic collar, she came to visit and lured our puppy off to her house. We laughed over the next few weeks because he’d take her his treats, his bones, his toys…until he wouldn’t stay home any longer. Hubby even found them together in the doghouse one day.

  • P.S. Bogey is a yellow lab, now 2 1/2 and every once in awhile we ask if Bogey can go play with Rowdie. Afterwards, Bogey won’t eat for a day. And talk about sad eyes.

  • I think my best dog story is when the guy I was casually chatting with about what an awesome dog my Stanley was turned out to be Russell Crowe…who, incidentally, had no interest whatsoever in MY name, age, or breed. 🙂

  • Yup, seriously! Stanley and I were extras in Mystery, Alaska, and he wasn’t that famous yet. To me, he was just some guy who had the good taste to admire my dog!

    I did recognize Hank Azaria when he came over to pet Stan 🙂

    Well, that maxes out my name dropping…until you are a household name, of course!

  • That is so cute. My Westie and his sister who lives with my son’s family are like humans when they get together. They play and fight. Both want to be first on a walk. They eat each other’s food. When Chloe leaves after a visit, Heinze howls then mopes.
    Emjoyed your post.

  • I’ve never been much of a dog person, but I had a lot of fun dressing my cats up when I was a kid…does that count? And oh, yeah, my hamsters fit perfectly in my Barbie convertible! Good times!

  • Oh Connie, I would’ve loved to see a somersaulting dog. It would’ve been a youtube sensation.

    Katy, my girls were just like you. I hope Hammy wasn’t in the Barbie car while Kitty was around!

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