Where Does Your Strength Come From?

With the ACFW hoopla behind me, I’m finally returning to the primary focus of this blog—conversations about characters.

At the end of Deep Cover, the hero realizes that he’s been trusting in his own strength to protect the heroine, rather than God’s. 
Believers often seek God’s help or guidance as a last resort, don’t we?
Or, like me, we go to Him, but… sometimes we don’t stay still long enough to hear His answer.
With so many things vying for our time and attention, oftentimes, it’s difficult to shut out the clatter and just rest in Him.
But how sweet the experience of that rest. 
Your turn: Do you find yourself going to God first, or as a last resort?


  • Ummmmm…if I’m brutally honest — I go to Him first and last and ignore Him in between. In other words I’m not listening. LOL. And I’m not really praying either. I’m dictating. It’s like ‘So, this is the way I think things should go down, Lord.” Then I give Him a bullet-point list from step A through H but He never listens!!!!! I don’t get it! Sometimes I think we’re in the middle of a Divine generation gap until I realize that communication problem starts and ends with me. Sigh! Why do I think I know more than God?

  • Oh, Kav, I appreciate your honesty. I can so relate. I’m reading the book of Daniel right now, and today was studying his prayer in chapter 9…prayer and pleading, while fasting and wearing sackcloth and ashes. What a striking contrast to my own approach to God.

  • When I’m smart, I go to Him first, but sadly, I’m often stupid.

    I think I’m stupid more often than not because I’m not always the best at deciphering His answers, or waiting for them. I need to work on that.

    As a teen I seemed to be able to hear God speak to me so much more clearly. I’m still struggling to figure out why that communication has gotten so disturbed. Wish I were a teen again!

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