Let’s Play Suspense Writer

One of the discussion questions at the back of Shades of Truth is: Kim wants to believe the best of everyone…How might that endanger her?

These kinds of questions are a suspense writer’s launching pad to all sorts of mayhem.

Let’s have some fun tossing around ideas. I’ll start.

For simplicity, we’ll pretend “Kim” could be any one of us, single or married.

What if she gets a text from her “hubby” saying he’s at the bank and forgotten the password for their bank card, and would she text it to him. Does she believe him?

Of course. Her husband’s notorious for forgetting passwords and his name came up on the caller ID.  She has the fleeting thought that there are people who tap cell phones. But it’s not as though anyone can “hear” a text message, so she quickly texts him back, and then deletes the message for security.

A few minutes later she gets a call from her hubby asking if he left his cell phone and wallet at home. Oops.

Your Turn: Who might a woman trust or believe, only to have that trust come back to bite her?


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