Behind the Scenes – An Unusual Weapon

With less than three weeks until the release of Deadly Devotion, I thought it would be fun to give you a behind-the-scenes look. 

Ever wonder what weapon you’d grab to defend yourself if you were cornered?

Kate Adams, the main character of Deadly Devotion, is a researcher specializing in herbal medicine. She works with plants every day. She’s surrounded by plants. She knows things about plants you’d never have imagined.

She’s also driven to find out the truth about how her fellow researcher and dear friend really died. And more than one person wants to stop her. 

So what weapon would Kate grab if cornered in her lab?

A cactus?


Or maybe stinging nettle?


myrtle spurge

If you guessed this last plant, you’re right. Do you know what it is?

Here’s the scenario:

She’s alone in her lab when no one should be in the building. She hears approaching footsteps, the scrape of a key in the lock to the only door in or out. She has no idea if the person about to come through the door is friend or foe. She  snaps off a runner of the pictured plant, and praying the juice doesn’t spurt on her fingers, brandishes it against her intruder, who responds:

“What did you plan to do? Whack me with that weed?”

She jabbed the air with it, trying to act playful. “You bet. This baby works way better than pepper spray. Not only will the sap make your eyes and skin sting horribly, it’ll make your face swell fatter than road kill on a hot summer day.” 

“Ni-i-ice.” He shuddered playfully. “Lucky for me I’m your friend.”

But is he???

And what is this strange-looking plant Kate brandishes as a weapon?

At the time I was writing this story, one of my daughter’s fellow horticultural students was thinning out this popular ornamental and got the sap on his hands, and face, and yes, it swelled and stung and was not pretty.

Unfortunately, my daughter didn’t learn from his mistake. The following weekend, while thinning out the same plant from our garden, she got sap squirted in her eyes. Oh yes, it stings!

After flushing them and calling poison control, she ended up going to the doctor’s for a salve to relieve the effects. And…

the scene above was born. 😉

Oh…and in case you were wondering, the plant is called myrtle spurge.

Your Turn: 
What’s the most unusual weapon you’ve read about or could imagine using if someone snuck up on your at work or home?

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