Brenda Novak’s Annual Online Auction for Diabetes Research

Brenda Novak’s Annual Online Auction for Diabetes Research is gearing up for its biggest year yet. Thanks to all who have participated in the past — both donors and shoppers — the auction has raised a cumulative total of $1.6 million. This year they are hoping to surpass $2 million to help all those with diabetes.

The auction opens on May 1, 2013 and this year they’re doing something new. Each person who registers as a shopper for the 2013 auction will be entered to win a brand new iPad (Value $499).

Each year they also offer an amazing prize package to the person who places the most bids over all. This year it will consist of: A brand new MacBook Air ($1100 Value), a $200 Macy’s gift certificate and much more.

Browse the site to find lots of awesome packages for readers and writers and anyone–like a week at a timeshare in Hawaii!!!

My own contribution isn’t nearly as exotic, but I hope you’ll find it fun!



ONE of each of the following:

A Spy Pen – a working ink pen, with mini video camera and audio recording (not exactly as depicted)

A little black notebook –for recording those all important furtive moves

A blonde wig – so no one recognizes you

A pair of spy shades – unique sunglasses that will conceal where you’re looking, including the side mirrors that allow you to see behind you

One trade paperback copy of Sandra Orchard’s June 2013 romantic suspense/mystery Deadly Devotion

A black satchel to conceal the items when not in use

Approximate value over $65.00.

Click the picture or the kit name above to bid or tour the site. (Shipping within US is included for all items. For the spy kit shipping within both US and Canada is)

Your Turn: What are some causes you like to support and why? What’s the most unique or successful fundraiser you’ve ever seen?


  • One cause hubby and I regularly support is the St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital. We believe that is money well spent. I also give to cancer and diabetes funds, as well as a local battered women’s shelter which also goes by the name of St. Jude…and our local animal shelter.

    You undercover spy kit sounds fun! Thanks for letting us know about this auction.

    • We actually see commercials for that hospital (or perhaps one by the same name in NY) on TV here in Canada. You’re so right about it being money well spent.

  • Awesome spy kit… though the blonde wig wouldn’t help me much 🙂 I’ve just discovered some of Brenda Novak’s books, so it was a surprise to see her here!

    I volunteer for The Pujols Family Foundation… we do a lot of work and special events for children and adults with Downs Syndrome. The prom is my favorite! I also sponsor a child in Kenya through Compassion International. Wonderful to work for a cause!

    • Pujols sounds like a really interesting group to work with. I imagine the prom is a favorite with clients, too!

  • Your spy kit sounds fun, Sandra! That’s great you’re offering it in the Auction. ~ There are many worthwhile causes and charities I love to support (but have to limit myself *sigh*). I especially like supporting anything that benefits children and animals (in addition to cancer, heart, diabetes, and Alzheimers). I’ve recently enjoyed helping out some Native American children in Montana (would love to meet them in person!). Also, we have a local domestic violence shelter that I feel strongly about supporting. ~ I’ve often thought how nice it would be to have unlimited funds to support these charities—but that’s definitely a DREAM! 😉

  • Hi Sandra~ I work with Brenda on the auction and wanted to first thank you for your generous donation and support. We appreciate you helping to spread the word about the auction. We have close to 2,000 fabulous items available for bidding and more added daily. We also have some awesome opportunity drawings and a great grand prize. Together we can make a difference and break that $2 million mark.

Great to "see" you here today! I look forward to reading your comment.